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Servomech mechanical ball screw jacks are available in different designs and shapes, with load capacities from 5 to 800 kN

From the first visit to the website clearly emerges the value of the new catalogue dedicated to mechanical screw jacks, able to offer a series of significant advantages in comparison with the conventional solutions with acme screws. Among them, stand out the high efficiency, the notable linear speed, the capability of operating in continuous cycles and a remarkable energy saving. Moreover, an accurate calculation of the product’s lifecycle duration is available, allowing the precise planning of maintenance and part replacement interventions.

Enlargements of the range and new combinations

The new catalogue includes important enlargements of the product range and new combinations of ball screws, with a chapter dedicated to the sizing and selection of the product. The team of application engineers, with over thirty years of expertise in the field of linear applications, is always ready to provide technical support to assure the optimal choice of components. Innovation takes place also due to the revolutionary vision of lifting systems, suggesting the use of high-performance Servomech ball screw jacks in combination with brushless motors and associated control devices, so opening new prospects in the ambit of the high speed, precision and efficiency lifting. The new catalogue is a further witness of Servomech’s innovation skills and capability of anticipating trends.

The online browsing of the new Servomech catalogue dedicated to ball screw jacks highlights the reduction of consumptions and the increased productivity

Product sizing and selection operations

A whole chapter is dedicated to product sizing and selection operations, with suggestions developed by the in-house team of applicative engineers. The new catalogue shows clear tables and charts that summarize technical, performance and duration data for each available product size, so facilitating the browsing. Moreover, the application possibilities of high-performance screw jacks Series MA BS with travelling screw Mod. A and with travelling nut Mod. B are enlarged, since they are now prearranged for the assembly of all primary servomotors at disposal on the market, further promoting a new generation of lifting systems.

Manual assembly of a mechanical ball screw jack by experienced and specialised operators

All available combinations are now detailed in the new catalogue dedicated to ball screw jacks. The high efficiency, the high linear speed, the operation in continuous cycles and the low energy consumption represent the ideal matching to increase plants’ productivity, meanwhile assuring high-level performances and competitive costs.