MPTX, MPFX and MRSX by MP Filtri: lifesavers of means

The Italian company MP Filtri presents the series of Return MPFX and MPTX filters and of Return/Suction MRSX: lifesavers of mobile construction machines.

Modern high-performance machinery is created from high-quality components which require the continuous removal of contamination from hydraulic fluids to ensure a long lifespan and peak effectiveness. Filters play a crucial role in protecting hydraulic systems because even the smallest amount of particle contamination will adversely affect the performance and reliability of the circuit technology within both fixed and self-propelled machines. To create an effective fluid cleaning system it is therefore essential to assess the type and position of the filters found inside circuits and to consider such factors as flow-rate and pressure, the required levels of filtration efficiency, environmental conditions, the type of fluid used and intervention cycles.

Italian fluid power: a growing sector

The Fluid Power sector is constantly growing in Italy and, in 2017, it exceeded 2.1 billion Euros, the Production reached almost 3.5 billions, with an Export of 2.2 billions and an active trade balance by over 1.2 billion Euros, according to the last Assofluid Short-Term Business Survey. Very positive data also for the single hydraulic branch, where the turnover, compared to 2016, fluctuates between +9% for Italy and +16.4% for Export, with a National Market and Production at the end of 2017 that respectively reach +9.3% and +13.8%. Even better results concerning the orders, with variations included between +19.3% (Export) and +36.2% (Import).

Three division for MP Filtri

An increment that results in an opportunity also for MP Filtri – multinational specialized in filtering solutions for the hydraulic sectorthat in 2017 scored a +10% of turnover, of which 23% in Italy and 77% in exports, compared to the previous year. Operating with three divisions: Filtration, Power Transmission and Contamination Control, MP Filtri ensures a unique and complementary portfolio of products which provide solutions for the static and mobile industrial machinery sectors, as well as supporting custom-spec systems.

MP Filtri invests every year 5% of its revenue in R&D, ensuring it retains its proven reputation for innovation, and enabling the continuous development of cutting-edge products. The company utilizes a diverse range of specialist components and materials – ensuring it can meet the precise application needs of its customers. Its success in synchronizing research and development, design, and production technology have resulted in a faster and more responsive product creation cycle which delivers the right products at the right time for the right price. MP Filtri’s ability to create its own components in-house gives it greater control of its development programs and enables experimentation and continuous improvement.

Solutions for earth-moving and mobile construction machines

Combining a proud heritage of more than 50 years as an innovator and champion of quality with state-of-the-art research and development programs, MP Filtri is continually expanding its market-leading product range to ensure its customers can depend on the best in protection and productivity. Its latest range – the new MPFX and MPTX series of return filters and the MRSX return / suction filters – has been specially designed to meet the needs of clients in the earth-moving and mobile construction sectors. Created for tank-mounting, the filters feature MP Filtri’s unique element design, covered by patent n. 102015000040473 in Italy and patent pending in several other Countries in Europe and in America, which allows the maintenance in time of the hydraulic system operation through the replacement with original spare parts, without needing further equipment. The products are available with a wide choice of configuration options and accessories, together with the ISO16889 multipass benchmark. They ensure peak performance and maximum protection of the hydraulic systems and are built to thrive on operating pressures up to 8bar (MPTX and MPFX) and 10bar (MRSX) respectively. The element is easily recognizable thanks to external pipe-marking and a customizable surface which can be printed with the client company’s logo.

Massimiliano Sanna, Marketing Manager MP Filtri S.p.A said: «The Italian hydraulics sector is an excellence acknowledged on a world scale, especially for the mobile applications within the agricultural and earth-moving sector. The new MPTX, MPFX and MRSX series rank as a key innovation on the market. They complement a comprehensive range of products developed by MP Filtri to ensure our customers can fully meet their requirements for filtration and fluid contamination checks. Choosing MP Filtri means utmost safety also in terms of reliability and quality, concerning the ascertainment of our product performances, thanks to the tests carried out in our Laboratory. A unique reality of its kind in Italy and one of the few in Europe where the scientific Research finds its fertile ground in the industrial application».

About MP Filtri S.p.A.

One of the world’s top ten players in hydraulic filtration technology, it provides medium-high end solutions in the Filtration sector for hydraulics, is also specialized in Power Transmission and Contamination Control solutions. The Group MP Filtri S.p.A., operating for over fifty years, can boast a competitive and well-balanced ranking due to the full control of the value chain and a wise internationalization strategy, granted by branches in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Russia, China, India and distributors in over 100 Countries. With Headquarters in Pessano con Bornago, in the Milan province, it boasts an annual turnover of 55 Million euros, with production of more than 3 million units a year. Its worldwide manufacturing facilities cover more than 70,000 square metres and is staffed by more than 350 employees.