The K 8 Booster completes the oil-free piston compressors of the Boge K-series

A new booster compressor

The innovating K 8 Booster compresses compressed air from 10 bar to a maximum pressure of 40 bar – completely oil-free. Especially sensitive areas, such as the food, plastic, health or chemical technology industry, profit from this procedure. But also for users attaching special importance to permanent compressed air generation or having no possibility to carry out an oil change the new K 8 Booster is the ideal solution.K8_booster_450

The K 8 Booster completes the oil-free piston compressors of the Boge K-series and is unique in the category up to 5.5 kW of oil-free pistons. The compact construction of the K 8 Booster provides the conditions for a smooth decentralised installation. It is driven by a motor of the efficiency class IE 3 (Premium Efficiency) and generates – depending on the inlet pressure – a delivery volume of maximally1160 l/min at a pressure of 40 bar. Models with and without pressure receivers are available.

Generation of oil-free compressed air instead of additional treatment

The innovating push rod principle also applied in the tried and tested K-series enable a lowfriction and low-wear reciprocating duct without the use of oil as lubricant. Until now mediumsized companies with smaller networks could achieve an increased compressed air demand via for example oil-lubricated pistons. In order to obtain an oil-free unit they had to remove the oil again from the compressed air in subsequent multi-stage treatment phases. This substantially diminishes the efficiency balance of the compressor station. With the K 8 Booster users relying on completely oil-free compressed air avoid the expensive intermediate step of the compressed air treatment and consequently save investment, service and especially energy costs. The use of activated carbon filters leads to an increate differential pressure causing the compressor to function with accordingly stronger output. This

leads to a substantially higher energy-consumption especially in the high-pressure compression. At the same time the annual filter change and the expensive condensate removal are no longer needed when an oil-free piston is used.