New Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses

Eaton announces new Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings designed to work together, enabling safe and effective fluid conveyance

The power management company Eaton today announced the launch of the Synflex Optimum family of thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings, designed to work together to improve hydraulic system performance, simplify assembly and optimise inventory.

With high abrasion resistance and a wide range of pressures, the Synflex Optimum system is ideal for demanding applications including aerial lifts, agricultural and construction machinery, forestry equipment, car hauler trailers, lift trucks, marine environments, chemical plants and car wash systems.

“Many manufacturers provide either hoses or fittings, leading to frustration for machine builders and end users,” said Dimitar Atanasov, product manager, Fluid Conveyance, Eaton. “Optimising the hose and fitting to work together can result in longer hose assembly life and less equipment downtime. And because one fitting can be used across multiple hose styles, it is both easier to streamline inventory and assemble the system.”

For extreme environmental conditions

Eaton’s Synflex Optimum hoses are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions and high abrasion applications. Constructed with a new, innovative thermoplastic material, the hoses offer the low temperature and flexibility of polyester-lined hoses along with the chemical compatibility of nylon-lined hoses. Available with pressure ratings from 70 bar to 350 bar, the hoses are a powerful component for heavy lifting and handling equipment. Eaton’s custom thermoforming process allows for hoses to be moulded into configurations that match the system design, resulting in tighter routing, faster machine building and optimised performance.

Compact design and smaller profile

The Synflex Optimum fittings, specifically designed to complement Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses, feature a compact design and smaller profile for easier routing and assembly. The fittings follow a simple one-piece design to reduce matching errors and assembly time while eliminating brazing-failure risks. Eaton’s captive nut helps to eliminate the weak spots found in other fittings and can increase safety in applications with high levels of vibration, as well as prevent cracks and leaks that lead to unplanned downtime. Dura-Kote plating, which delivers up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance, comes as standard on the new fittings.

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