Quiet and ultra-low vibration for use in the workplace

Oil-free compressor for sensitive applications

Being completely oil-free is a must, especially in sensitive work environments.

For users that require a compressor which is quiet and compact enough to install near to their work station, Boge has developed the new EO series.Ā Their scroll compressors operate extremely quietly with ultra-low vibration. A modular concept with one to four airends systematically matches compressor use to demand and also offers maximum versatility – no matter whether it used on receivers, with refrigeration dryers, as a duplex unit or with a cycloneĀ separator. From October the compressors of the EO series with a drive power of 16.5 kW and 22 kW and free air delivery from 1.5 mĀ³/min (15 l/min) to 2.5 mĀ³/min (2.0 l/ min) will be launched on the market.Fig3_Boge

The core component of Boge EO-compressors (EO stands for Eccentric Oil-free) consists of one or more scroll compressors. Each of these operates with two spirals, one of which is fixed, while the other rotates eccentrically. The two spirals intertwine without touching. The intake air is continuously compressed into the increasingly narrower interior space, thereby producing pulsation-free compressed air which isĀ absolutely oil-free. The use of a two-stage aftercooler additionally boosts efficiency.

Up to four compressors can be accommodated in a housing if particularly high quantities are needed.

Scroll compressors work without the use of oil lubrication, because the aluminium spirals in the compression chamber do not rub against each other. The advantage of this design is that it guarantees 100 percent high-quality, oil-free compressed air. A condensate cleaner is not required.

The closer a compressor is moved to a work station, the more the question of the sound pressure level comes into focus. Here, the scroll compressor scores highly, with its whisper-quiet, ultra-low vibration operation ā€“ ideal for example for laboratories or hospitals. The intelligent arrangement of the components of a Boge EO compressor results in a very small footprint, which once again benefits direct installation at the work station ā€“ even the system solution with integrated dryer is so compact that it fits through a standard door.

The control and operation of scroll compressors is carried out as standard by the intelligent focus control 2.0, which in the age of Industry 4.0 is ideal and can be integrated in modern, networked production. Modern machine control allows the connection of up to four compressors. Via the high resolution colour display,

information can be easily read and the capacitive touch screen-style buttons make operation easy. An RFID interface provides a contactless notification of authorised operating staff on the unit. Whether to view the status display, status of each unit, fast network printing or monitoring the air intake and air outlet temperature ā€“ users can quickly and with only little effort switch between the displays using the capacitive buttons thanks to clear symbols on the machine.

More information about the technical details and options for the Boge compressorsĀ is available at www.boge.com