Mobile hydraulics

Pressure transducers for use on mobile means

Gefran presents the new KH Series, SIL2 certified, pressure transducer for uses on mobile means, with measuring ranges from 0-4 bars to 0-1000 bars. GEFRAN_01-KH1_dxPressure measuring applications on mobile means, the so-called “mobile hydraulics”, can be the most different, from earth handling machines to aerial platforms, from cranes to agricultural machines and municipal vehicles but the common denominator for all is “reliability and safety”. The KH series satisfies precisely these requisites, first with the SIL2 certification, concerning the European Regulation on Functional Safety, devised to prevent damages to people. The measurement of the hydraulic circuit pressure on mobile means is very often an essential parameter to grant the safety of means themselves for the operators using them. Besides, the sector requires particular mechanical and electrical performances and the KH Series has implemented new features such as the ratiometric output and electrical automotive connectors. The ratiometric output allows attaining an amplified output signal from 0.5 to 4.5 V with a supply voltage of just 5 V, and this is a big advantage for the plants equipping mobile vehicles. From the wiring point of view, they have introduced the electrical connectors defined “automotive”, that is to say Deutsch DT04-4P with 4 pins, AMP Superseal with 3 pins and Packard Metripack with 3 pins, to be compliant with sector standards, even if also the conventional M12x1 and EN 175301-803A (solenoid valve) are still available, as well as the direct output with shielded cable. Besides, the compact sizes, the high EMC protection degree, the process temperature from -40° to 125°C and the ±0.25%FS precision confirm the KH Series as very suitable product, as above said, for mobile hydraulics applications.



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