On-site production of nitrogen reduces costs and polluting emissions

On-site production of nitrogen reduces costs and polluting emissions due to the transport of tanks.Ā With Atlas Copco’s constant pressure adsorption nitrogen generators, high purity and productivity converge at low cost, both for large and small capacities.

On-site production of nitrogen offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. Also, it is possible to automatically regulate the requested nitrogen pressure and purity. Added to these benefits are price stability, the absence of dangers associated with cryogenic storage, the reduction of waste due to evaporation losses or the return of not completely empty cylinders, and the economic and environmental benefits resulting from the reduction of road transport: a contribution to the reduction of pollution due to freight transport.

Nitrogen, as an inert gas, is widely used in the industrial environment to prevent oxidation. In sheet metal cutting with laser technology, for example, the use of ultra-pure nitrogen makes it possible to remove the molten metal from the cutting area, avoiding smudging and guaranteeing the protection of the optical path of the beam, reducing the risk of intrusion of impurities and lengthening the duration of the optics themselves. Furthermore, in this type of application, the demand for gas varies greatly during the day and during the working week, depending on the activity and thickness of the cut: this is why it is important to provide solutions that, in addition to guaranteeing high purity, are modular, with the possibility of storage in medium and high pressure (40 or 300 bar) in order to supply the necessary nitrogen during consumption peaks without having to oversize the machines.

Used in industrial environment, nitrogen is widely used to prevent oxidation.

Based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology

Atlas Copco NGP and NGP + nitrogen generators are based on PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology, or on adsorption, a chemical-physical phenomenon thanks to which it is possible to obtain the separation of the components of a liquid or gaseous mixture. In the specific case, the carbon molecular sieves allow to obtain nitrogen with a purity up to 99.999%, indispensable in the industrial processes where the absence of oxygen is required.

Continuous availability

The NGP systems also guarantee continuous availability by eliminating the risk of production interruptions due to a lack of nitrogen supply. The NGP + generators, recommended for applications requiring high purities up to 99.999%, are equipped as standard with the instrumentation necessary for automatic operation.

The electronic controller allows to optimize the incoming air according to the nitrogen demand and to set a minimum purity threshold below which the produced nitrogen is not introduced into the network Ā but expelled in order not to pollute the process.

It is also possible to analyze the nitrogen consumption with the Nitroscan system that allows, through a field survey, to understand which are the processing phases that require more flow and then examine the gas consumption peaks.

Efficiency and technology distinguish Atlas Copco’s products for compressed air production and air treatment”, says Juri Frigerio, Business Development Manager industrial gas, ā€ “Those who use our solutions for self-generation of gas can experience economic savings of up to 80% compared to cylinders and greater production reliability through continuous monitoring of parameters even remotely. All this is done in collaboration with our partners by developing customized projects based on specific applicationsā€.

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