Performing high-quality electric motors

Electric Motors Volpi is a commercial company for the sale and distribution of electric motors headquartered in Grassobbio, in Bergamo (Italy). In 2019 it became the first importer and reseller of WAT-branded electric motors in Italy.

Federico Cologni, General Manager of Electric Motors Volpi

The sale and the distribution of electromechanical products represent the company’s core business, but the enterprise has extended its range in the repair, marketing and industrial supply of electric motors, as well as in the service and the customization, meeting its customers’ needs and requirements. An interview to Federico Cologni, General Manager of Electric Motors Volpi.

How do you compose and can you subdivide your product range?

«Our product range – explains Federico Cologni, General Manager and representative of the third generation of the company – satisfies the broadest market demands, spacing from electric motors to electropumps, from fans to compressors. The first one is the core business: three-phase, single-phase, brushless, self-braking and double-speed motors, products that find numerous applications in the most various industrial contexts due to their practicality and reliability».

In addition to a product range purposely studied to support customers in all required phases, Electric Motors Volpi proposes also customer care services that include the design by skilled competent engineers, considering all the specific features of the machines where the motors will be integrated.

«The electropumps treated – Cologni adds – range instead from normalized centrifugal to submersible, multi-stage and fire-fighting ones. Among electric fans, we find helical, centrifugal blowing, tangential models and for switchboards. Similarly, the compressors can be with permanent magnets, belt single-stage, multi-stage and screw rotary. Executions developed to satisfy all most specific demands».

Motors designed for marine applications, with power from 0.75 kW to 90 kW, with IP66 marine certification and and anticorrosion C5-M paint

Moreover, the company proposes a product range purposely studied to support customers in all required phases.

In terms of technical support and service, what kind of services do you provide?

«As completion of our offer – Cologni affirms– we provide engineering support in all implementation and installation phases, besides an all-round pre- and after sale service, which includes both standard and complex repairs. Electric Motors Volpi relies on 15 collaborators working in administration, warehousing, logistics and service departments, in addition to an external sales and distribution network made up by about 10 people operating on the whole Italian and European territory».

Systems that allow the optimal efficiency control according to the load, specific and standard functions of pumps and industrial applications

What are your market vision and development strategies?

«In the last three years – Cologni highlights – our turnover has grown by 30%. We are in constant development and since 2019, with WAT, we have been growing even more. Our long-term target precisely focuses on diffusing the awareness of the importance of high-quality electric motors, such as WAT-branded ones. The high energy efficiency and the excellent performances are the elements that distinguish all products in this range from those available on the market. Concerning this, Electric Motors Volpi is the first importer and reseller of this brand in the Italian context».

Special range of motors for the fume suction in F400 class (120 minutes of operation at 400°) and in F842 class (30 minutes of operation at 842°)

Through the turnover of three generations of service professionals, along the years the company has developed an excellence know-how and competences exploited and aimed at interpreting its customers’ demands at best, offering them the most suitable solution.

«Evolution, efficiency and authenticity – Cologni ends – are the values on which our company is based. We have succeeded built a sound, but constantly developing reality, in which it is necessary to invest with the goal of becoming one of the leader players in the electric motor sector. We intend to be present on the market, bringing innovation and change. That is the reason why we have recently decided to renew the company’s logo, too: similarly to how every day Electric Motors Volpi develops new designs and keeps pace with times, of fundamental importance today, the corporate image as well is going to pursue the same line, always keeping faith to the history and the tradition that is currently “over fifty”».

[su_box title=”WAT and Electric Motors Volpi: the ideal partnership”]In 2019, Electric Motors Volpi became the first distributor and reseller of WAT brand in the Italian context. WAT is a Turkish company established in 1968 and it is part of the KOC holding, the first company in Turkey by turnover and total capital, besides ranking among the 500 biggest companies in the world. Due to the experience gained by both companies in over fifty years of activity, WAT has found in Electric Motors Volpi the ideal partner for the marketing of innovative forefront products in Italy. The highlights of the Turkish brand are manifold and mirror all the necessary features for the establishment of a high-quality partnership. The proposal made available on the market includes a complete range of electric motors, from 0.12 kW to 350 kW of power, fully customizable. Moreover, the production is fully in-house manufactured and is carried out in an area of 40,000 sq.m., partially taken up by a stock of 15,000 electric motors that assure prompt delivery on demand. The Turkish company’s manifold certifications hold particular relevance: they include those needed for the marketing of its products abroad – USA, Europe, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia – and for the IE3, IE4 and IE5 energy efficiency. Moreover, the company has achieved very high standards in advance indeed: starting from July 1st 2021, the IE2 efficiency will become mandatory up to 0.55 kW power and IE3 from 0.75kW to 1,000 kW power.[/su_box]

(by Gianandrea Mazzola)