Three types of IO-Link Sensors for Industry 4.0

Three types of sensors and one denominator: IO-Link, a serial communication protocol for the smart industry

Euroswitch presents the new range of Industry 4.0 products: the ESL level sensor, the EST temperature sensor and the 987 differential pressure transmitter  

Three types of IO-Link Sensors for smart industrial production  – the  987 differential pressure transmitter, the ESL level sensor and the EST temperature sensor, all designed in Euroswitch R&D departments for Industry 4.0. The Sale Marasino-based company  has long focused on cutting-edge programming languages to meet new market needs and offer an even more comprehensive service to customers.

The integration of the IO-Link protocol

The common denominator of these new products is the integration of the IO-Link protocol for point-to-point communication between the IO-compatible system and a field device. Being an open standard, it provides for a two-way data exchange between the sensors and its supporting devices. Each IO-Link sensor has an IODD file (IO Device Description) containing information on the device and IO-Link functions.

The IO-Link system offers many advantages, such as the use of a standard unshielded 3-wire cable, advanced diagnostics and data availablity, remote configuration and monitoring, and simplified device changeover. All these advantages mean improved  machine management and increased process efficiency, thereby reducing overall costs.




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