Pulleys: from tradition to digital transformation

Backed by know-how gained in almost 50 years of activity, the Italian company F.I.P.I.L.L. is facing the difficult international situation focusing on two strategic assets: the cost reduction and the offer of functional high-quality solutions. The company, specialized in the manufacturing of a broad range of pulleys, has always made “Made in Italy” a distinguishing trait and it offers a complete support, from design to engineering, implementation and testing of the finished product, with the goal of improving its customers’ productivity.

A commitment that Claudio Ricci and his sons Roberto and Riccardo carry on with great passion, constantly aiming at integrating and harmonizing traditional values with forefront new economy rules. We met the two managers to outline the state-of-the- art and the prospects for next months.

2020 caught everyone off-guard and enterprises had to deal with a quickly-evolving complex scenario. How are you living this situation and what impact has it exerted on your activity?

We are dealing with a totally new context and we could nothing but comply strictly with all regulations that were issued in safety ambit for the anti-Covid prevention. Fortunately, the economic impact on our activity was minimal indeed. In March we cautiously stopped for two weeks but then we always went on working. Perhaps with a more fluctuating trend compared to the usual one but, all in all, we are in line with previous years.

Claudio Ricci (in the middle) with the F.I.P.I.L.L team

What are your forecasts for next months and the main criticalities you imagine?

Making estimates is really impossible. Everything will depend on the evolution of the health situation. Obviously, we are looking forward to resuming our usual life because it will mean this terrible pandemic is behind. First, clearly thinking of health, then of work and economy.

Has the pandemic changed your way of operating and interacting with your customers?

We try operating and interacting from remote as much as possible, even if the alive relationship with customers and with suppliers is an absolutely irreplaceable factor. Besides, the way of spreading our visibility and knowledge has changed, since trade fairs and exhibitions have been suspended. More in detail, to counterbalance the impossibility of taking part in events dedicated to our competence sectors, we are orienting part of our investments to the digital communication, to promote our company through the website and all available tools on the web.

What priorities are you addressing in the next future?

Next months it will be mainly important to understand how the situation will evolve, we think that now is the right time to take utmost care of what we have implemented along past years and to pursue the best customer satisfaction, as we have always done.

F.I.P.I.L.L. products made of aluminium directly cast by the company’s foundry

Have you enlarged the machine fleet or are you planning to do that next months?

We constantly invest in the machinery technology, as well in our staff’s training. We have been travelling this way for years and we have not interrupted it in this particular period.

In what sectors and geographical areas might new business opportunities arise for your activity?

We design and manufacture components used in almost all sectors, then it is clear that our activity might mirror what happens on a world scale, with fields that suffer more and others that instead are steeply rising. Consequently, we could hypothesize that new opportunities might arise in the medical or sanitization ambit.


[su_box title=”The added of the Made in italy”]The F.I.P.I.L.L. company, based in San Paolo di Jesi (Ancona, Italy), has been present on the market since 1973.  Now the Italian company is managed by Claudio Ricci and his sons Roberto and Riccardo. In order to grow and to gain new market shares, along the years the F.I.P.I.L.L. has focused on the energy enhancement of structures and machines to assure a flexible manufacturing system, able to intercept new trends quickly and to meet customers’ manifold requirements: currently, 60% of the production is absorbed by the domestic market whereas the remaining 40% is sold abroad. Moreover, in its evolution the company has integrated the application of green economy policies aimed at the energy saving and the resource maximisation.

F.I.P.I.L.L. is specialized in the manufacturing of a broad range of pulleys, always made “Made in Italy”

The company’s core business is focused on the design, production and sale of a broad range of power transmission solutions, which can be also customized upon customers’ demand according to specific requirements. More in detail, F.I.P.I.L.L. production includes: aluminium trapezoidal pulleys; steel trapezoidal pulleys with bore for taper-lock bush; variable pulleys; flat belt pulleys with bore for taper-lock bush; aluminium poly-v pulleys with bore for taper-lock bush; tightener slides and toothed pulleys. Solutions are made of aluminium directly cast by Marche company’s foundry. The exclusivity of solutions does not reside only in design but especially in the capability of manufacturing specific light alloys purposely designed according to the technical specifications of the application where the product will be used.[/su_box]