Power transmissions: astride tradition and innovation

Power transmissions: astride tradition and innovation. This is Favari Trasmissioni

Making solutions available in the power transmission for each applicative problem. This is the target pursued by Favari Trasmissioni, reality that, since the distant 1925, has operated on the market of mechanical transmissions. Established as Favari Macchine Utensili, the company, set up by Gianni Favari, Angelo Favari and Ludovico Strauss, was afterwards called Favari Variatori SpA and, in 2005, it became Favari Trasmissioni Srl.

The range of KBK couplings include: mini couplings, bellows couplings, servo couplings, line shafts and torque limiters

Thanks to almost a century of expertise, today Favari Trasmissioni proposes power transmission solutions by staking on a wide range of products designed to assure technical value to customers. To grant the highest technical value, the companies to which Favari turns rank among the leaders in their respective sectors.

Products featuring technical value

In the range of solutions marketed by Favari Trasmissioni, the following brands hold relevant importance:

  • Tandler with bevel gearboxes, ServoFoox series and P series precision planetary gearboxes, hypoid gearboxes, mechanical speed modulators, inverters, switching bevel gearboxes and disengaging bevel gearboxes;
  • Ringfeder/Tschan with flexible couplings, disc couplings and gear couplings;
  • PIV with chain variable transmissions;
  • Magnetic Technologies with magnetic couplings;
  • IMS Gear with epicyclic reduction gears for small powers;
  • KBK with line shafts, bellows couplings and servo couplings.
  • Moreover, Favari is ZIMM reseller and proposes a broad range of mechanical screwjacks.

The company relies on skilled technical team entrusted with sales and technical support to customers; it avails itself of its own workshop for the repair and the overhaul of the marketed products and for the customizations demanded by customers, designing and manufacturing special customized components.

A reliable reactive partner

«A recent experience – tells Claudia Favari, owner of Favari Trasmissioni – has led us to manufacture, in collaboration with a company operating in the iron and steel industry, a tipping system. The complete drive integrates two Zimm Z-100 screw jacks operated by a Tandler bevel gearbox through FV-Kupplung metal disc couplings. The transmission is therefore driven by a Zimm motor connected by a bell with coupling, still made by Favari. The project proved to be really committing, but technical hindrances were smartly overcome thanks to our technical office’s expertise and the quality of our represented companies’ products».

Planetary gears with modular system

IMS Gear, among the companies distributed by Favari Trasmissioni, proposes solutions with consolidated planetary gears. According to customers’ requirements, over 10,000 configuration versions are made available with diameters from 22 to 120 mm. The three IMS.baseline, IMS.techline and IMS.SDline have been conceived to satisfy several requirements. Planetary gears of the IMS.baseline range are also suitable for small and medium series and samples. They are characterized by technical variety. IMS.baseline offers a broad range of gears concerning diameters, materials, reduction ratios and customizations for motor and output side. Over 1,800 configurations enable to grant a solution for almost all problems.

FV-x couplings; made with high-quality special steels, they allow the transmission of high torque and the perfect interchangeability with “industrial standard” models

FV-Kupplung gear coupling

The gear coupling is a transmission organ designed to connect two rotating shafts and to transmit high torque in torsionally stiff way. Hub and sleeve are made of quenched and tempered steel. Bolt connection is in 12.9 class and sealing is made of NBR rubber. Couplings are also available in AISI1045, AISI4140 or AISI630, with Viton or silicone seal on demand.

Favari workshop

Favari Trasmissioni is equipped with a machine park that includes both Numerical Control (CNC) and traditional machines. It is specialized in subcontracting turning, milling and slotting. It manufactures, upon customers’ designs, components for small, medium and big batches . On demand, it also carries out machining operations without a minimum order and unique components. Favari’s workshop doesn’t only produce, but also provide a service of assembling.

CNC lathe for subcontracting machining installed in Favari workshop

For years, the workshop has also taken care of carrying out the assembling in series of small and medium batches, thanks to players’ expertise and promptness. The company satisfies urgencies in 24 hours, relying on a warehouse of standard products in prompt delivery. Today more than ever, this service is a safety reason for companies that turn to Favari. The shortage of raw materials has compelled many companies to delays and still today rates are dictated by availabilities. Favari is committed to foreseeing customers’ and market’s requirements. The sectors where Favari products are used include textile, automation, paper and press industry, automotive, nuclear and pharmaceutical, but these areas are joined by several others.

Towards the future

Favari Trasmissioni faces the future with the same commitment that has accompanied the company in its long history, relying on the technical competence of Maurizio Torresani and Davide Vavassori, the expertise of Claudia Favari and the fresh, proactive and dynamic energies of Thor Ladefoged who has joined the staff of Favari Trasmissioni to boost new ideas towards a further market growth.

Favari Trasmissioni has not been particularly affected by the high energy price thanks to its membership since 2016 in Assolombarda purchasing groups, which aggregate enterprises’ consumptions and allow for energy saving.

Still in a growth vision, Favari Trasmissioni provides the professionalism and the expertise of its specialized technicians to Salesiani Institute in Milan, an excellence in didactics and in high-education courses. Students are trained in the application and use of base methodologies and instruments that allow them to carry out autonomously activities concerning the machining of mechanical parts and assemblies.

Finally, it is worth reminding that Studio Plimsoll, which analyses the performance, the value and the financial soundness of the 400 leader companies operating in the sector of bearings, gears and transmission gears has placed Favari Trasmissioni among the best sector companies by turnover, sales and financial soundness.