Toothed clutches: big sizes and high torque

The constant attention paid to innovation and to market demands, combined with engineering and development skills, has allowed MWM freni frizioni to enlarge its already broad series of toothed clutches, launching the new series 08, large-size pneumatic toothed clutches able to transmit high torque.

The new line is composed by DP08, DPR08, DPG08; three variants with the same performances and operation, but with different configurations to satisfy the various assembling requirements.

Walter Sartori, General Manager of M.W.M. freni frizioni srl

Walter Sartori, engineer and General Manager of M.W.M. freni frizioni srl, explains: «the idea spring from the demand of a world leader in high-quality and high-performance conveyor belts where a high transmission torque was needed».

In the specific case, the positive pneumatic toothed clutch with DPG08 coupling, features the following main properties:

  • Maximum torque: 4,000 Nm;
  • rpm max: 1,200;
  • drive: pneumatic;
  • pressure: 6 bars.

Due to their extreme versatility, toothed clutches are used in numerous applications in several industrial sectors, including machinery for the machining of various materials, handling and lifting machines, the motion of manufacturing lines and so on.

For the same reason, they are appreciated by customers worldwide, as confirmed by the trend of orders and sales, constantly growing on both the domestic market and on the foreign one.

In general, toothed clutches are connection devices that allow the movement transmission between two rotating kinematic systems with engagement at standstill or at synchronous speeds.

Due to their features, they allow transmitting “relevant” torque with compact sizes.

They are positive toothed clutches, that is to say the control produces the transmission insertion, and they can have triangular toothing without backlash (standard for connecting at a standstill or at null/almost null relative velocity, with two-way drive) or trapezoidal toothing with backlash (for connecting at a standstill or at very low relative velocity, and with two-way drive) or, finally, saw toothing (for connecting during movement at medium to low relative velocity, with one-way drive).

An all-Italian reality
For over half century, the Italian company MWM Freni Frizioni has operated in the market of mechanical transmissions: more in detail, the company is specialized in the design and production of caliper brakes, brakes, clutches, toothed clutches, torque limiting couplings with electromagnetic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical controls. All solutions are studied and manufactured in Italy: the Milanese company in-house coordinates and manages the whole product development cycle. It relies on two factories: one dedicated to the manufacturing of components, equipped with automated Numerical Control machines, headquartered at Samarate (Varese, Italy); the other, the one inaugurated in 2022 at Lainate, for the component assembling and the warehouse. Moreover, the expertise gained, the acquired know-how and the competences developed in almost 60 years of activity allow the company to propose, besides the catalogue manufacturing, the adaptation of standard solutions or the specific creation of customized products, to satisfy customers’ specific applicative requirements.