Pressure Switches

Sensors: high quality and custom versions for various industrial applications

For over three decades Euroswitch, based in Sale Marasino, Brescia, Italy, has produced high-quality level, pressure, temperature and rotation sensors for use in numerous sectors. Euroswitch sells in Italy and abroad a large family of pressure switches that are appreciated for their excellence in terms of technology, efficiency and safety. Euroswitch products are available with adjustable or fixed calibration and NO/NC or SPDT contacts. The range comprises diaphragm pressure switches, piston-operated pressure switches, pressure switches with adjustable hysteresis, differential filter clogging indicators and vacuum switches, plus custom versions in which the body, materials, wiring and other features are tailored made.  IP54 and IP6 caps and connectors are available for all models.  Custom versions with wiring to drawing and connectors up to IP6K9K index of protection are also available.fig2_Euroswitch

The new catalogue of Euroswitch pressure switches has been recently published in its innovative and extended version in Italian and English. A German version can also be downloaded directly online from the Euroswitch website The numerous models proposed for various industrial applications include versions with an integrated connector, which can be equipped with different connections that are incorporated directly into the sensor body in the protection class up to IP67 / IP6K9K, depending on the  specifications of the counter-connector.  These features are to be found, for example, in pressure switches 24, 40, 41, 48, 49, 27, 28, 41b and 41c; vacuum switches 357, 377 and 38; filter clogging indicators 80, 81, 82; the pressure-temperature switch 700, which is covered by an American and European patent, and the brand-new vacuum-thermostat.

As the result of the expertise acquired over time by the R&D department, the company has designed and manufactured some stainless steel versions that go to complement the existing vast range of pressure switches. Among these come the versions with an AISI 304 or 361L body for use in specific industrial production sectors requiring this grade of material that is intended to be in contact with food or be compatible with the fluid handled.

Always sensitive to market requirements and demand from manufacturing enterprises, Euroswitch has developed a line of pressure switches with a brass body in the unleaded version for use in the vending sector (e.g. beverage vending machines and coffee machines) and the food industry. The novel feature in this case is represented by the process to which pressure switches are subjected in order to be suitable for use in contact with alimentary fluids, namely the de-leading process – known as Ruveco –, whereby the lead is removed from brass surfaces so as to eliminate the risk of contamination when in contact with food substances, and hence of toxicity for the human body, making the product fully compliant with the most stringent international standards.

Euroswitch sensors are mainly used in such applications as hydraulic and pneumatic installations, farming and earth-moving machinery, motorbikes and special vehicles, trains and boats, and the chemical and petrochemical industry.