When simplicity takes shape, great innovations arise

The “Rapid Level” series has always been the unmistakable mark by the Italian company F.lli Giacomello, appreciated worldwide for its flexibility, safety and user friendliness.

Rapid Level
Rapid Level.

One of the great novelties of this series are the Pneumatic Rapid Levels, levels with very interesting technical features:

– Parts in contact with the liquid to be monitored (float, rod and threaded connection) fully made of Aisi 316.

– Pneumatic signal through magnetic actuation valve.

– Swivelling IP65 protection degree box with incoming and outgoing quick couplings.

– Simple and fast adjustment of the intervention point like for the whole “RL” series. As a matter of fact, displacing the float along the rod, you vary the intervention point. This operation offers a double advantage:

  1. It allows the user to modify the intervention point at any time.
  2. It allows the reseller to stock up a single level and to change the intervention point in few instants when needed.

It can be used without any problem also for high-viscosity liquids or fluids containing suspension particles of any type. These characteristics make it a perfect level for several application fields, from the chemical, hydraulic and pneumatic sectors up to the food industry.