Specialists in gear cutting, turning and milling

Paolo Brusori, owner of Officina Meccanica Brusori

Specialized in the subcontracting machining of gear cutting, turning and milling for the manufacturing of gears, pulleys and several other products, in the last triennium the Italian Company Officina Meccanica Brusori has scored a significant increase of turnover, machines and technologies, besides customers. This growth is based on the precise mission oriented to the quality improvement, the progressive perfecting of machining processes with huge investments in technologies.

«Among these technologies – states the owner, Paolo Brusori – the latest ones introduced in the company have been a new 3D printer, a new 4/5 axis machining centre and a new sawing centre, besides having completed the conditioning of the manufacturing area».

From the design to the prototype and the functional component

The use of the 3D printer in the sector of mechanical gears goes on growing, due to the evolution of technologies and of materials used. The company has seized this opportunity that so allows it to reproduce functional prototypes an

Officina Meccanica Brusori relies on various machining departments, from gear cutting to turning, from milling to EDM

aterials, elastomers and high mechanical and thermal strength steels.

«Thanks to certain programming skills of our new printer– Brusori underlines– we succeed in obtaining stable repeatable measurements, with high-level precisions, for instance linear surfaces with 6/10 of constant thickness millimetre for a length of 50 millimetres. So, reaching values that are not achievable with the customary standard use of the equipping software. Likewise, we always manufacture with the additive technology also functional components from the engineering point of view like equipment, templates and support for instrumentation».

Technologies and human resources in synergy

The new investments made have relevantly contributed in the corporate growth, with positive prospects and good opportunities for the next year, too.

Example of toothed shaft for toothed belt, Ø 70 mm, length 300 mm

«We will go on improving – Brusori explains – with a strategy especially aimed at the customer service. It is important to keep pace with technology, but it is as determinant to try using it at best, in some cases also differently. It is necessary to make use of good machines, of modern suitably equipped departments, but the difference must be made with aspects that are hardly repeatable with a new investment. Then, through human resources’ competence, the adopted procedures, the management modalities of the relationships with customers and their fidelization. Besides, the results achieved until now seem to confirm the validity of our whole staff’s operation».

A staff made up by around twenty employees organized to manage all activities flexibly, attentively and dynamically. From this point of view, the work cycle performed at the company’s plant involve the simultaneous alternation of around 400 designs in manufacturing divisions, which, taking inputs and outputs into account, today constitute the habit of the daily manufacturing and managerial capacity. Last year, such organization allowed scoring almost 55,000 units sold, with an average quantity for single design that achieves 5 units.

Quantity in quality

«Quantities – Brusori confirms – managed with utmost attention to the quality control aspect, carried out on the machine but also in the measuring chamber conditioned H24 at 20°C, with standard or special measuring instruments and with CMM to ascertain the compatibility of the manufactured products with customers’ requests. We can also execute controls of surface roughness obtained by machining operations, according to the technical design’s specifications, and hardness controls with digital hardness tester».

Officina Meccanica Brusori can provide all-round support and consulting for the redesign and the re-manufacturing from scratch of gears and/or machine parts

The company is organized in departments whose machines and technologies are all interconnected in 4.0, even the least recent ones. Moreover, in conformity with the customer service it can also provide all-round support and advice for the redesign and the re-manufacturing from scratch of gears and/or machine parts; due to skilled competent collaborations in all Italy, it can offer heat treatments, surface treatments, hole and surface grinding, gear tooth grinding.

Production of complex components in small batches

«The future – Paolo Brusori ends – will be for us to go on meeting the market’s demands, trying providing a service featuring higher and higher added value, which tries distinguishing us in innovative manner from what generally available. Our specialization is appreciated not so much for the mass-production made up by thousands and thousands of components but, on the contrary, for the high-quality production of thousands of batches, each consisting of few units. Complex components, that is to say toothed shafts, toothed bars, pulleys and gears of various typologies that can be manufactured from 20 mm diameter to 900 mm diameter, although our most common item in production today is contained in the range between 50- and 300 mm diameter».

EDM machining in perfect phase with external teeth

Reduction of costs and times, perfect identification of the real axis on the component of interest, and the unnecessary workpiece position determined on the machine.

Due to software dedicated to the wire EDM machine, Officina Meccanica Brusori can carry out any type of externally and internally toothed component, with machining precisely in phase

They are the primary advantages provided by the wire EDM plant the manufacturer has suitably modified in terms of software, according to the indications given by Paolo Brusori, owner of Officina Meccanica Brusori, as well as creator and exclusive holder of this procedure. Due to this new function, the company can assure its in-phase machining of gears, pulleys, phonic wheels, hubs and any component needing EDM machining in perfect phase with external teeth. The machining operations in the ambit of gears can be manifold, keys, broaches, internal toothing, DIN 5482 grooved parts and so on. All this without the construction of any special positioning and then the charge of further costs, in addition to those of the pure machining to be performed.