The 83T differential pressure gauge by Euroswitch

The 83T differential pressure gauge: recognising false alarms at low temperatures and performing precision monitoring on the condition of filtration components.

Euroswitch in Sale Marasino (Brescia, Italy) has launched its new electric differential pressure gauge with thermostat on the market – the 83T model. This cutting-edge product has a brass body and offers IP67 protection, and is designed for the hydraulic filtration sector. It is essential for monitoring conditions in filtration equipment and preventing false alarms at low temperatures, when oil density could generate misleading reports.

A wider range of differential clogging indicators

The product is part of a wider range of differential clogging indicators which are used to detect clogged filtration components in the oil hydraulics field. With standard models, the value of the differential intervention pressure can be adjusted to between 1-10 bar. These devices are available with an electric or electronic indicator and special models can be made on request (as with most Euroswitch sensors). For example, they can be provided pre-wired with any type of cable and connector for protection levels up to IP69K, with special process fittings and stainless steel bodies.

Going back to the new 83T differential gauge, we have versions with changeover or N.O./N.C. contacts, cabled output, and the option of an integrated DIN connector. The essential diagnostics function is evident, which monitors the condition of filtration components in industrial and automotive applications. The benefits of using reliable precision systems result in the improved management of machinery and process efficiency, leading to lower costs overall and increased production quality.