The rodless cylinders that also save space

IMI Norgren Lintra Plus, the highest-performance rodless cylinders that also save space.

1. The new design of the scraper offers protection against dust on all versions, guaranteeing clean operations and a longer-lasting cylinder.
2. The new closing system reduces friction, guaranteeing more fluid movements.
3a. The strip/strip-cover separator guarantees better performance.
3b. The guide pad of the piston system allows more support and load capacity
4. The universal fixing holes enable simple integration into the machine’s design.
5. The central fixing support allows applications with very long strokes.
6. Pneumatic connections available in various positions on the Lintra Plus heads.
7. The sophisticated strip/strip-cover system enables maintenance of the cylinder without the use of tools.
8. The patented sealing system uses a geometric “labyrinth” gasket, increasing the lifespan of the cylinder and guaranteeing greater fluidity of movement.
9. The new lighter aluminium profile can be directly integrated on the machine.
10. Identification of doors with visualization of the direction of movement.

IMI Precision Engineering, amongst the world leader in motion and fluid control, presents the new range of IMI Norgren Lintra Plus rodless cylinders, optimised to offer maximum operational versatility at competitive prices in a compact design, capable of providing high performance combined with reliability.

The new IMI Norgren Lintra Plus series is competitively priced, provides high levels of versatility and flexibility thanks to the alternative guide systems, and combines all the characteristics of interchangeability, versatility, resistance and integrability, with a higher load capacity than the previous version thanks to the improved design of the piston set.

Lintra Plus cylinders are available in versions with internal guide, adjustable external guide and precision roller guide.

Reduced static and dynamic friction

Some other important features of this new series of rodless cylinders should also be mentioned: reduced static and dynamic friction, universal fixing holes available on the profile, multiple positions for pneumatic connections on the heads, and improved dust protection on all versions.

The rodless cylinders in the IMI Norgren Lintra Plus series are more capable of supporting heavy loads or simply transferring movement making them suitable for a wide range of industrial sectors. Applications include lifting/transport, pick & place, filling, cutting, feeding/guiding, selection and spraying.

The series has four variants: with internal guide, external guide, precision guide or linear ball-bearing guide; all versions include a robust integrated pneumatic damper system to be used in the majority of applications. The polyurethane gaskets and the extruded aluminium precision profile – which can be directly integrated on the machine – make the new IMI Norgren Lintra Plus more resistant to wear. The universal mounting grooves enable direct mounting of the Lintra Plus cylinder on the machine and the integration of many other components or accessories. In addition the new scraper and the new design of the strip/strip-cover prevent the infiltration of dirt.

The new scraper and the new design of the strip/strip-cover prevent the infiltration of dirt.

Lintra Plus is completely interchangeable with the previous Lintra M/46000 versions – a product tested over a long period – which allows the current Lintra cylinders to be replaced with the new Lintra Plus versions without needing to modify the machines.

The Lintra Plus cylinders are ideal for integration in a great many sectors, especially automotive, for machine tools and handling, in the paper & packaging industry, in the textile sector, in woodwork, and in the food and food-packaging industry.

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