Transmitting motion in accurate way

Due to its over thirty-year long experience, the mission of DZ Trasmissioni is solving with its own right-angle gear drives, both standard and specific, implemented upon design, any issue of power transmission of a rotary motion between two or more axes arranged at 90°. The business size and its structure allow the study and the implementation of special transmissions in short times. A skilled technical-sales service is instead at disposal to solve customers’ problems in the most reliable and cost-effective way. Face to face with the owner, Claudio Pullega.

The right-angle gears series DZ and ZP are available in 9 different sizes. They can have 2 or 3 outputs with transmission ratio 1/1, 1/2 or 1/3. In addition to the standard series, a broad range of special executions upon customers’ designs is available.

How is your product range composed?

«Wide and diversified – the owner, Claudio Pullega, explains – DZ product range consists of several solutions of right-angle gear drives, screw jacks and linear actuators. With the right-angle gear drives series DZ and ZP, in particular, the company started its production, with maximum transmissible torque of 4,000 Nm».

Designed for industrial applications where it is necessary to transmit a power rotary motion between two or more axes arranged at 90° each other, they are available in 9 different sizes with 2 or 3 outputs, with 3 transmission ratios, and they are made with aluminium housing, Gleason bevel gears and shafts of steel with surface treatment.

«Right-angle gears of QB series – Pullega adds – are characterized by transmissible torques up to 9,900 Nm, and they are manufactured in 8 sizes with 59 structural shapes and 5 gear ratios (or speed multipliers). The aluminium housing design in a single piece makes the construction of cast iron housings, made up by three/four pieces, obsolete. Besides, with unchanged outer sizes of the group, it allows the implementation of gear drives with much bigger gears and bearings, actually notably increasing their performances and transmitting more power».

Worth underlining that aluminium components can be made with special surface treatments, permitting their use in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical or marine industries.

The initials QB ET identify instead the cubital series gear drives with maximum transmissible torque of 25 Nm, i.e. small-size right-angle gear drives manufactured in 12 versions with 5 gear ratios and aluminium body, spiral bevel gears and wide range of motor flanges.

Right-angle gears series QB are implemented in 8 sizes with 59 structural shapes and 5 transmission ratios, for max. transmissible torque of 9,900 Nm.

What are instead the main features that differentiate the range of DZ screw jacks?

«DZ screw jacks –Pullega highlights– are subdivided into the series called UP and QB UP. The first include executions made in 6 sizes with static loads that range from a minimum of 2.5 to a maximum of 100 kN, all interchangeable with the vast majority of German manufacturers. The first four sizes are made with aluminium housing with anti corrosion treatment, whereas the two bigger sizes of cast iron. Indifferently for all sizes, two transmission ratios are available, with worm screw made of case-hardened and tempered steel, whereas the worm wheel is made of bronze. Standard trapezoidal spindles are implemented with carbon steel, with right hand rolled thread».

On request, the company can supply spindles with multiple starts, with left hand screw, and in stainless steel. Rotating nuts are made of bronze, and still on request, can be supplied in special polymers that allow using the system without lubrication.

Seven rotary sizes and three translating sizes compose the series of QB UP screw jacks, executions with static loads included between 2.5 and 200 kN.

«Provided with spiral bevel reduction gears combined with ball screws – Pullega points out– such range becomes ideal in those situations where, besides the service factor, high efficiency is required. As a matter of fact, both the bevel gear and the re-circulating screw operate by rolling and not by sliding, allowing higher speed and efficiencies, with continuative service factor».

Screw jacks of UP series are available in 6 different sizes with static loads that range from a minimum of 2.5 to a maximum of 100 kN, all interchangeable with the vast majority of German manufacturers.

Finally, how can you subdivide the range of DZ linear actuators?

«The linear actuators belonging to QB AT and AT series – Pullega ends – are at our customers’ disposal, too. The QB AT series was born from the modularity and the versatility of the QB design. We are speaking of high-performance actuators, with bevel gear reducers and recirculating ball screws, they are suitable for linear transmissions featuring high efficiencies and speeds.

Screw jacks of QB UP series are available in 7 rotating sizes and 3 translating ones, i.e. executions with static loads included between 2.5 and 200 kN.

The series includes 3 sizes, 5 transmission ratios with loads from 2.5 to 25 kN. The linear actuators of the AT series are finally implemented in 7 sizes with loads from 2.5 to 100 kN, they are provided with worm gear reducer and thrust axis with trapezoidal screw or ball recirculation. Bodies are made of aluminium up to size 25 and of cast iron for the sizes 50 and 100, with case-hardened and tempered steel worm screws and bronze helical wheel».

[su_box title=”New sizes of right-angle gears and stainless steel screw jacks”]DZ Trasmissioni’s communication to the market of the widening of its stainless steel product range is imminent, with 5 sizes of right-angle gears and 6 sizes of screw jacks, which will join the DZ-Inox series. This new range has been studied with Aisi 316 stainless steel monobloc housing, which allows an excellent product cleaning. On demand, the various models can be supplied with blanking caps for unused screws and hole and with different seal typologies. Due to their design and implementation, these products can be suitably used in all “food machinery” sectors. Especially in the wine “beverage”, already widely used, in addition to pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, shipbuilding, textile and tanning industry, and in all those applications needing particular resistance to corrosion.[/su_box]