Winning linear systems for all automation requirements

Movitec is the brand that encompasses the five product lines by Impex Tecniche Lineari, that is to say the range of linear electromechanical and pneumatic tables, “Piccola” Linear Tables (for very small overall dimensions), “Bi-Rail” Linear modules and Carropattino Linear Units. We are speaking of solutions that are the result of years of design development and unceasing technological research, undertaken by the company headquartered at Torgiano (PG) to assure the highest efficiency and reliability levels and to satisfy the most various application requirements.

Cristina Torba, owner together with her brother Maurizio of Impex Tecniche Lineari at Torgiano (PG)

«To achieve high-quality products –Cristina Torba, owner together with her brother Maurizio, confirms – we must start from accurate design, constant development of process techniques and unceasing research of solutions that not only keep pace with innovations but that sometimes also succeed in being ahead of market requirements».

The adaptability of products, supplied with a broad choice of transmissions, sliding, protections, drives and eventual options, allows an easy integration on both newly designed machines and in already existing ones, allowing customers to optimize efficiency while decreasing consumption.

TVE150A B 3-axis system with stainless steel strip cover and transport container case.

«The reliability of our products – Cristina Torba highlights – permits an almost unlimited use in time of machines and mechanical systems, due to the long duration in terms of mileage».

Concerning this, key element is the company’s precise will of implementing in its manufacturing headquarters’ departments the developed systems, to take care step by step of the whole manufacturing process, to keep every slightest detail under total control.

«Al materials, both if they are components machined from the solid and extruded – Cristina Torba adds – are purchased from qualified selected suppliers, all chosen for their high quality and compliant with the safety regulations in force. Our technical division and all manufacturing departments work in perfect constant synergy, according to a logic that has always been strongly oriented to the lean manufacturing».

Operational logic adopted also for the Linear Tables of the TV series, currently available as standard not only in aluminium (extruded and anodized), but also in steel.

Utmost performances and reliability, also in the steel version

Then, modular and flexible, according to loads and work cycles, TV Movitec Linear Tables by Impex Tecniche Lineari are currently available as standard also in the steel version (C45 for construction or stainless steel) with rolled and ground re-circulating ball screws, in profiles with 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400-mm widths, and re-circulating ball pads sliding (also in enlarged version), as well as with rollers.

TVE150A B linear table with strip cover, inductive stroke ends, techno-polymer motor flange

«The more and more frequent demands coming from the market –Maurizio Torba comments– with more prevalence from the automotive and industrial sectors, have induced us to add the steel execution to our range of electromechanical linear tables».

Like for those made of aluminium, a version with increased re-circulating ball screw transmission is available also for steel ones, for the 300-mm section profile, with essentially identical general specifications, including the stroke up to 2,600 mm (other sizes can be anyway implemented on demand).

«For steel Linear Tables –Maurizio Torba specifies – it is possible to choose among the various sliding typologies: 2 linear guides and 4 re-circulating ball pads, 2 linear guides and 4 bigger-size re-circulating ball pads, 2 linear guides and 4 re-circulating roller pads».

Bi-Rail MVP090A S module with aluminium profile, special carriage made of C45 steel and external stroke end supports

As various are the options made available by Umbria company, as for instance the possibility of executing additional holes on the carriage (for the X-Y mounting using brackets, plates or the fixing of other accessories), bored holes for pins to facilitate the precise positioning of Linear tables, and tapped holes on the bed. In brief, a broad choice that allows finding the right customized solution for any kind of application.

The most suitable choice for best performances

As already underlined, five are the big Movitec-branded product families, that is to say solutions that find application in several applicative segments that embrace industrial machines, plants and equipment for assembling or welding, robotic systems provided with motors and drives, handling and cutting systems (laser and water-jet), marking, control and vision systems, up to applications by specialized University research Institutes. The combination of the above-mentioned electromechanical Linear tables, TP pneumatic models, in combination with Bi-Rail Linear Modules and Linear Units, allows satisfying any automation requirement.

Bi-Rail MVP070A S module with bellows and stainless-steel sheets

«Solutions – Maurizio Torba confirms – that due to smart design and an accurate manufacturing programming, we manage to supply in even very short times, despite the broad choice of possible configurations».

More in detail, the range of pneumatic Linear Tables includes executions made of anodized aluminium or, on demand, fully of steel, with profile widths from 150 to 400 mm, maximum strokes of 600 mm, transmission with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, sliding with linear guides and re-circulating ball pads of different size, with increased linear guides or crossed roller guides, possibility of motor connection, stroke end, inserts and clamping brackets, lubrication, stop safety system and linear reading system.

Ideal for medium loads and narrows spaces are Linear Tables of “Piccola” series, produced instead with 50-, 75- and 100-mm profiles, strokes from 20 to 600 mm, anodized aluminium (on demand they can be anyway made fully of stainless steel, transmission and sliding included).

TVP400A C Linear table made of C45 steel and stainless-steel metal cover.

«In this case as well –Maurizio Torna comments – the transmission choice is wide and provides for the availability of re-circulating ball screw, Speedy long-pitch sliding screw, Rondo sliding screw, trapezoidal screw. Four are instead the sliding alternatives proposed in the catalogue: with mini re-circulating ball guides, with sliding cursors, with crossed-roller cursors and with ball cursors».

Available with profiles from 40 to 116 mm and maximum strokes of 4,500 mm, Movitec Carropattino Linear Units are finally proposed with anodized extruded aluminium profile or with high profile. The range, it too fully in-house designed by Impex Tecniche Lineari, consists of a transmission that can occur with re-circulating ball screw, Speedy long-pitch screw, round-threaded Rondo screw, trapezoidal screw, belt or without transmission. Concerning sliding, it can be performed by two hardened steel lateral guides and with one or two carriages with re-circulating balls of different lengths, with the additional possibility (like for all product ranges) of integrating a metal protection, bellows or without protection, options of motor coupling, stroke end, inserts and clamping brackets.

«Due to their design and execution – Maurizio Torba ends – Carropattino Linear Units are particularly apt also for applications in white chambers and in the as challenging food industry».

From product to integrated system

Lean manufacturing, design flexibility, versatility, competences and operational flexibility are all strongholds that make Impex Tecniche Lineari a high added-value partner to which turning not only for the anyway wide and diversified range of high-quality products, in both standard and customizable version, but also of more complex and articulated systems.

«The market has been increasingly demanding for several years now –Cristina Torba confirms and ends– of entrusting us with so challenging and complex designs, which involve on more levels the part of mechanics, of drives and, in some cases, the control, too. Therefore, 35 years of validated expertise and the competences gained allow us to provide our customers with qualified and appreciated support also in the implementation of more and more integrated systems».

[su_box title=”A compact solution for challenging applications on long strokes”]Among the numerous applications developed by Impex Tecniche Lineari, stands out also Movitec One-Rail MCM130A B Linear Module. We are speaking of an axis provided with stainless steel strip cover, to make it more compact compared to a bellows cover.

Movitec One-Rail linear module, with precision belt transmission, with axis stroke of 6,700 mm on a total length of 7,200 mm

Moreover, precisely thanks to the strip cover, such module can represent an ideal solution for all those sectors where the bellows is unsuitable (for instance in welding, food industry and white chambers). In case of very dusty environments, products can be equipped with Clean Air holes that further protect transmission and sliding gears. Unlike Bi-Rail Linear Modules, which feature two guides and 4 pads mounted sideways in the profile, the One-Rail version has a single guide, bigger-size than the Bi-Rail version, mounted in the U-profile and just two pads. The transmission is carried out by 50AT10 precision belts, for an axis stroke of 6,700 mm on a total length of 7,200 mm.[/su_box]

(by Gianandrea Mazzola)