A revolutionary caliper brake for vertical warehouses and handling

A revolutionary caliper brake ideal for vertical warehouse and handling

With their absolutely unusual shape, the M.W.M. caliper brakes have the revolutionary ortogonal freedom of move, that permits a perfect auto alignment and an easy installation.

The patented system of axial sliding allows the installation on disks, but also on bars and rails, thus permitting their use directly on forklifts, lifting trolleys and railway wagons.

In fact the brake pads suit the non-perfect straightness of rails/bars just through the floating M.W.M. caliper.

The use on forklifts allows the installation of the M.W.M. caliper brakes as emergency or parking brakes with utmost safety because the “direct” braking system doesn’t depend on transmissions, ropes or chains.

An application case

In this example a company that manufactures vertical warehouses has installed four M.W.M. calipers brakes, two per part, on a vertical handling system as safety brakes.

Caliper brakes PPH-N installed on vertical bars

Caliper brakes PPH-N installed on vertical bars

The control can be pneumatic, hydraulic and manual from 0 to 70.000 N. They can operate in two different ways:

– spring released when the control generates the necessary braking effect.

– spring applied when the effect (braking) is achieved without control, which causes the brake to disengage. These are mainly used as safety or holding brakes.

About M.W.M. freni frizioni srl

For more than 55 years M.W.M. has been designing and producing caliper brakes, brakes, clutches, toothed clutches, torque limiting couplings with electromagnetic, pneumatic, oleodynamic and mechanical control. The long experience and continous innovation allow the creation of ad hoc tailor made solutions for the most complex and specific needs. Every product represents the synthesis between a long experience and the addition of the most innovative technologies for the design, the production and the control.