Technology Spotlight

Customized solutions for electric motors production

CM-Torino Unit has been operating on the international markets for over 20 years through a well-developed worldwide sales network covering more than 15 Countries. CM-Torino’s core business is the supply of customized solutions…

Ferrite transformers for high frequency use

Operative in the winding sector for 40 years, Albe has distinguished itself for the quality of its products and its flexibility in satisfying the requirements of its clients, guaranteeing Made in Italy quality….


50 Years of Experience in continuous improvement of design and materials

Both for mechanical seals and for bushing of low power asynchronous and brushless water pumps, Meccanotecnica Umbra provides solutions able to avoid noise and reduce friction an losses. During the last ten years,…

Benefits from plastics engineering

From the aerospace sector to household appliances

Thanks to the manifold experiences gained in different sectors, Meccanica Generale has developed and patented a plane backrest, then become mass-production. Competences and adopted technical solutions that can prove valid and promising for…


A strong reliable partner in the automotive industry

With its acquisition of DMG meccanica, a leading machinery and plant manufacturer for electric motors, GROB strengthens its research and development work in electro mobility, expanding its portfolio, particularly in the automotive industry….


Inspection machines for the production of electric motors

As a supplier of electric motors production lines, inspection is the priority for Dema to ensure the zero defects policy, mostly in a very demanding sector such as automotive. Dema is more and…


Efficiency. Safety. Flexibility.

Cosberg designs and manufactures plants to automate the mounting systems for all types of electric motors, such as for instance brushless, AC, DC and stepper, intended for several sectors, among which stands out…

Handling and shipment systems

From assembling to shipment every 71 seconds

Cassioli Group can boast leader companies on a world scale, in various sectors, among its customers. In the automotive industry stands out the brand Lear Corporation, the major producer in the world of…

From design to assembled finished components

Relying on almost 50 years of activity and constantly oriented to the technological and process innovation, Casati Stampi represents a qualified partner at the service of the competitive automotive industry. Established in 1969,…


Virtual prototyping techniques for costumer projects

Sheet metal stamping for the automotive sector and household appliance industries, together with design, manufacture and maintenance of tools are Bora’s sphere of specialization. Thanks to a co-design service, the company can collaborate…

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