Short delivery terms for cylinders

Conforti prosecutes its growth course in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, decisively focusing on short delivery terms and an innovative web system.

The new MP/RP models are made of high-strength aluminium and are also available with magnetic sensors for the detection of the piston position.

Conforti Oleodinamica is a reality highly specialized in the design and production of hydraulic cylinders and it makes the quality-customer service pair one of its highlights; in that way, it can constantly grow on the market, to which it offers complete cylinders and in kits, short-stroke aluminium cylinders (also in the version with magnetic sensors) or steel models for heavy-duty applications, servocylinders and rotary actuators, they too offered in version with magnetic sensors. The particular modularity that characterizes products allows satisfying customers’ requirements in short times, starting from stocked up standard components and carrying out eventual customizations.

The power of  Web

For a long time, an added-value highly appreciated by the market has been represented by the advanced services offered free to customers through the corporate website, which makes available for customers a complete range of options that support different phases, which include the design and end up with the order and supply of products. «Our standard customer – tells us Nicolò Mosconi, Sales manager of the Italian company – is a machine manufacturer that needs handling operations of a certain consistency, which cannot be supported by pneumatics and find the ideal product in hydraulic cylinders. Let us think, for instance, of the industrial processes of sheet metal working or the manufacturing chains that require the handling of wood panels or paper coils. In general, we can be functional in all processes needing the displacement of big masses. The service we offer through the web is a real added-value and it allows us to establish a relationship of confidence and fidelization with customers, which are guided to a user-friendly procedure of purchase of kits for ISO cylinders, achieving prices, sending orders but especially visualizing the 2D and 3D drawings of the finished cylinder. An operation, the latter, particularly appreciated because customers are in the right conditions to point out the eventual modifications, thus achieving a ‘tailored’ product and avoiding errors».

Magnetic hydraulic cylinder MD 6020/2.

Everything under control

The high performances in terms of prompt deliveries and, at the same time, of product quality and compliance with customers’ specifications can be achieved thanks to some precise strategic choices. The products offered by Conforti Oleodinamica are designed to be extremely modular and to permit a broad range of possible configurations starting from standard components, always available in stock, constantly supplied with all items, even the least demanded. The majority of customers sends orders by using the e-commerce website, organized with a public area, where catalogues can be browsed and where it is possible to ask for 2D and 3D CAD designs of cylinders, and a private area, “Prisma”, where customers have the possibility of using simple guided procedures to configure the cylinder into the slightest details, including special variants, and of achieving the price and the delivery date immediately. At the time of the order receipt, both if it occurs through the web or the conventional channels, the entire process is fully computerized and strongly automated. Information flow in the various departments without error possibilities and without any paper registration. All, from the production start up, to the cutting of barrels and rods, to mechanical machining, to the assembly and the final testing on 100% of the production, is managed and traced with precision on apposite applications connected in net with the central server and able to interface directly with machines.

Tie-rod hydraulic cylinder CD-DK 6020/2.

Deliveries in record times

«Thanks to these devices – adds Mosconi – we have gained a solid reputation based on the utmost timeliness in processing the order and on very fast delivery times, which vary from the 10 days of standard procedure to the 48 hours in case of urgent requests, assuring conformity to customers’ demands and complete traceability. Betting on a wide and always stocked up warehouse is a precise corporate choice, which increasingly characterizes us, especially in the current economic scenario where many companies tend to give up the stock option to privilege a direct production, as they need prompt deliveries. Meanwhile, the economic recovery in course compels many of our competitors to extend their delivery terms to satisfy the demands. In this case, we can really state we are equipped to beat them over time and nowadays this makes the difference. Being properly equipped to provide a fast high-quality answer undoubtedly favours us and besides it allows us to offer an as quick and competent after sale service to our customers even when, as it sometimes happens, we receive requests of repairs or spare parts for cylinders supplied many years before and proven very reliable in time».

The cylinders of the DP series stand out for sturdiness and the capability of working at high pressures.

Certifications and controls

All Conforti Oleodinamica cylinders are in-house tested, as guarantee of the quality of the sold product. Among the products offered in the catalogue, those of the CD/DK – ISO 6020/2 series are tie-rod cylinders manufactured according to the ISO 6020/2 and DIN 24554 regulations, available with bores from Ø 25 to Ø 200 mm, in all the versions provided for by the regulation, they withstand pressure up to 160 bars and they are equipped with bronze bushes and hardened steel brakes. They are available also with low-friction and Viton seals, for high-temperature applications. The hydraulic cylinders with magnetic sensors are implemented in compliance with ISO 6020/2 and DIN 24554 regulations and they are available with bores from Ø 25 to Ø 125 mm, in all the versions provided for by the regulation, they too for maximum pressure of 160 bars. Sensors can be positioned in any point of the cylinder and they detect, without any mechanical contact, the terminal and intermediate positions of the rod. It is possible to mount more sensors along the entire cylinder length, according to their overall dimensions. Sensors are available in 2 versions: REED with V24-110 AC/DC voltage and PNP with V24DC voltage; both versions provide for the signal LED. The insulation degree of sensors and related connectors is IP 67. The cylinders of the ISO 6022 series are instead particularly suitable for applications that need a sturdy, well-guided and reliable cylinder, able to work at high operational pressures (the nominal working pressure is 25 bars, with a peak of 320 bars). Bores from 50 to 320 mm are available, with strokes up to 6000 mm, with hardened steel rod, too. In this case as well, they are available with low-friction and Viton seals, for high-temperature applications. All the anchorages established by the regulation are provided and available. The particular design of the cylinder allows its management in assembly kits. This enables the production and the final assembly of the cylinder starting from base components, purchasable singularly, with considerable advantages in delivery terms. The cylinders of the DP series are provided also in version with SAE connections, with transducer to know the absolute position of the rod through proximity sensors, for the detection of the stroke end and with bush drainage, to avoid accumulations of fluid behind the scraper.

Hydraulic rotary actuators

Rotary actuators allow angular rotations of 180°, 270°. With sturdy structure, they are available in 3 sizes, 32/32, 40/70, 63/96 for max. torque of 120 daNm. The hollow slotted shaft DIN 5482 (for the sizes 40/70, 63/96) and the stroke-end adjusters allow the phasing of the rotation angle. Stroke-end brakes are provided. The rotary shaft is supported by ball bearings that grant excellent rotation precision. For this cylinder series, they have also provided the magnetic version, with the sensors that can be positioned along the entire stroke to control the rotation angle.

ISO 6020/2 and ISO 6022 servocylinders with transducer that allows a complete control of the system at any time.

ISO 6020/2 and ISO 6022 servocylinders

The servocylinders of the TD and TK series are manufactured with sizes compliant with ISO 6020/2 and DIN 24554 regulations, with bores from 40 to 200 mm and maximum working pressures up to 160 bars. Those of the TP series are implemented with sizes according to the ISO 6022 regulation, with bores from 50 to 320 mm and max. working pressures of 250 bars. The transducer use allows users to know the piston position along its stroke at any time, thus permitting to obtain the complete control of the system and to position with precision the component to be handled. It is possible to introduce the linear control system on a broad range of cylinders, especially ISO 6020/2 with tie-rods or with counter-flanges, and ISO6022 for high pressures and heavy loads. The electronic system is fully integrated inside the actuator, thus permitting to avoid problems connected with crashes during the transport, the installation or use. Otherwise, the outer version is more easily disassembled and maintained. To protect this delicate part as much as possible, Conforti Oleodinamica has studied a very resistant steel protection, easily dismounted for maintenance. Different transducer versions are provided:

– TEMPOSONIC: 24V DC power supply. Three types of output signal are provided: in 0-10V voltage, in 4-20mA current, SSI (Synchronic Serial Interface). Maximum stroke of 2500 mm.

– POTENTIOMETER: max. 60V DC voltage. The output signal is proportional to the position of the cursor. Maximum stroke of 500 mm.

– INDUCTIVE: 24V DC power supply. The output signal is provided in 2 types: in 0-10V voltage, in 4-20mA current. Maximum stroke of 1000 mm. The anchorages provided for the Servocylinders of the TD, TK and TP series are according to the reference regulation (ISO 6020/2 or ISO 6022,) compatibly with the presence of the transducer on the rear head. Testing trials include the control of the perfect operation of the transducer installed in the cylinder.

Aluminium and steel short-stroke cylinders for heavy-duty applications

RQ steel models for heavy-duty applications and working pressures up to 250 bars.

In the ambit of a recent range enlargement, Conforti Oleodinamica has presented the short-stroke hydraulic cylinders with the new MP/RP models: made of high-strength aluminium and with anti-wear treatment, offered also with magnetic sensors for the detection of the piston position, with working pressures up to 160 bars. In the magnetic version, the sensors are of REED type with signal Led and connector with IP 67 protection degree. Sensors can be positioned along the entire cylinder stroke, with a practical and functional locking system. The very compact and light structure and the intervention rapidity, coupled with the integration of magnetic sensors, make this cylinder suitable for applications that require small overall dimensions, thus being used in applications like moulds for plastic materials, fixtures and mechanical equipment. RQ models are instead made of steel, for heavy-duty applications and with working pressures up to 250 bars. The very compact and sturdy structure and the great modularity make this cylinder apt for applications needing high performances, even if with small footprint. Both the steel and the aluminium range are available in 7 bores from Ø 25 to Ø100, 2 standard strokes 20 and 50 mm; other strokes can be implemented on demand. Other characteristics are the following: various fixing types (front, rear and lateral), standard oil supply with threaded couplings, other types on demand; in this series of cylinders, they have also provided for the version with Double Rod.

Market challenges

The company’s reference market is characterized by a prevalence of sales in Italy (70%) but with a presence all over the world, with consolidated areas especially in Europe and North America. Sales strategies have evolved in time: «Historically – reminds Mosconi – we have reached notoriety and market ranking through a net of distributors that proposed our products in the context of complex projects, of which cylinders represented one of the parts at stake. Today the market has changed and more and more customers tend to turn to us with direct demands. Results are proving we are right and the quality characteristics combined with fast deliveries have allowed us to end 2017 in strong growth, with results confirmed also by the first months of the current year. Today the medium-term target is working to favour a rise of presence shares abroad, especially in Europe and specifically in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia».


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