Space is the new frontier of the Camozzi Group

Space is the new frontier of the Camozzi Group. The subsidiary Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. will supply “Mongoose” to Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Its name is Mongoose, the largest innovative fiber placement machine in the world, made by Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc, the American company that belongs to the Camozzi Machine Tools division of the Camozzi Group – an international enterprise operating in different industrial sectors, from industrial automation to machine tools and from textile machinery to the processing of raw materials. A marvel of engineering developed for Blue Origin – the American company specialized in the field of aerospace aircrafts established by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, – to build rockets of space vehicles to carry humans to the moon and maybe even Mars.

The innovative Mongoose machine made by Ingersoll, a subsidiary of the Camozzi Group, developed for Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc – among the leaders in the development of advanced machine tools for aerospace, defense, transport, energy and heavy industry sectors – based in Rockford, Illinois, joined the Camozzi Machine Tools division in 2003. This operation represented a value of 15.7 million USD and is part of a broader program of the Camozzi Group committed in the acquisition of Italian and foreign companies, major players in their market segments.

With Mongoose of Ingersoll, the Camozzi Group sets a new direction in the future of the aerospace industry. It took three years to design and manufacture the five-story “giant”, measuring 41x15x13 meters, which will be disassembled in the coming weeks and shipped to Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket factory, at the Exploration Park of the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. There, the machine will be reassembled and will manufacture cryogenic tanks that will be filled with liquid oxygen and hydrogen to fuel rockets. Mongoose will also build fairings, large aerodynamic structures that encapsulate rocket payloads like satellites and other critical equipment.

This is a further application of the long list of successful cases of the Camozzi Group: Ingersoll machines produce fiber composite materials, often of carbon and bonded with resin or epoxy resin for many uses. New aircraft designs like Boeing’s 787 use composites instead of aluminium, realized with machineries designed and produced by the Company. Seventy percent of the fuselage of the Boeing 787, for example, is made with Ingersoll’s fiber placement machines

This partnership offers advantages not only for the company and its employees, but also for the entire community of Rockford. The Mongoose project was made possible thanks to the contribution of many local manufacturing companies. This is extremely important and we will continue to bring this positive message to other areas.  Ingersoll will continue to be a successful manufacturing company of Rockford attracting other subcontractors from the area.

Lodovico Camozzi, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Camozzi Group, said: «We are very proud to have given our contribution  to this important project. A concrete example of quality and excellence that have always distinguished our solutions, the result of the Group’s desire to focus on enhancing the specific skills of each brand, in order to create personalized systems with a high added value for Customers in terms of performance and benefits. The positive synergy established with Ingersoll has allowed the Camozzi Machine Tools Division to consolidate its position as a leader in its sector with an offering that ranges from large machine tools, for titanium and aluminum, up to carbon fiber placement machines.»