Addition of Polymer’s Performance to Leading Modelling Database Enables Aerospace Engineers to Design Lighter Planes

Commercial aircraft manufacturers are particularly focused on finding solutions to replace metals to achieve weight reductions, greater assembly efficiencies, and lower operating and manufacturing costs.

3For these reasons, it is imperative that design engineers at these companies have quick access to pertinent information regarding a polymer’s performance at various strains, temperatures, and other environmental conditions. Three high performance thermoplastics from Victrex have been added to a leading material and modelling database called Digimat-MX to accelerate the application development process while helping to minimize component weight and costs. The material modelling data stored on the database helps engineers investigate and predict the behaviour of composite materials. These are used, for example, to replace metal parts on commercial aircraft. The software suite from e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, now offers data on Victrex® Peek 150CA30, Victrex Peek 90HMF40, and Victrex Peek 150GL30.

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