Ball screw jacks always available

    From the first consultation of Servomech website you can immediately see the company’s latest novelty: the new catalogue for ball screw jacks. These screw jacks have important advantages compared to the traditional solution with trapezoidal screw, such as high efficiency, high linear speeds, even continuous operating cycles and reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out the documented calculation of the duration of the life cycle, foreseeing maintenance interventions and replacement of the parts. The new catalog features important range extensions and new combinations of ball screws, with a chapter dedicated to product sizing and selection. Servomech also provides technical support for a direct comparison with its thirty+ years of experience in the sector.

    A new concept of lifting systems

    The company also proposes a new concept of lifting systems, suggesting the use of its high-performance ball screw jacks with brushless motors and related control drives, thus opening up new scenarios in the field of high-speed, precision and efficiency. The new catalog is further confirmation of Servomech’s ability to innovate and be ahead of the times, rapidly becoming an international leader in the design and construction of linear actuators and screw jacks.

    Among the main novelties introduced in the new catalogue, already available in the online version at, we find new important range extensions and new combinations of ball screws, always made by Servomech

    Product sizing and selection

    A new chapter has been dedicated to product sizing and selection, with suggestions developed by the internal team of application engineers, always available for a direct comparison with more than thirty years of experience on linear applications. With tables and graphs of immediate consultation, the new catalog also summarizes technical data, performances and duration for each product size available. Servomech expands the application possibilities of its MA BS Series high-performance screw jacks with Mod.A translating screw and Mod.B rotating screw, now prepared for mounting all the main servomotors on the market, further promoting a new generation of lifting systems. All the available combinations are now detailed in the new catalogue for ball screw jacks. High efficiency, high linear speed, operation with even continuous working cycles, reduced energy consumption represent the ideal combination for greater plant productivity, with ever higher performance and competitive costs.