A new range of elastic interchangeable couplings

    Due to the diversity its operational divisions,  MP Filtri Group can supply a broad range of products for all mobile and industrial-stationary applications, including:

    • Filters to filter elements and accessories for hydraulic circuits
    • Bell housings and drive couplings for power transmission systems
    • High-tech fluid condition products from contamination monitoring devices to mobile filtration units.

      Internal view of the Power Transmission department, division of MP Filtri specialising in structural components for the couplings between electric motor and pump

    MP Filtri’s specialist Power Transmission division is dedicated to the design and manufacture of structural components for the coupling between the electric motor and pump.

    A total of 15 people work in the division, employed on two shifts at a modern 2,500 square metre production centre which includes manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

    Based at Pessano con Bornago, Milan, the superb facility has benefitted from major investments in technology and research and development. This has enabled the company to speed up its logistics operation and deliver an expanded product offering for customers.

    Striving for total interchangeability

    The expansion of the range and the surge in product awareness among customers has led to enhance its proven SGE coupling range and introduce the new ROTAFIT SGEK coupling.

    The new Rotafit range of SGEK couplings sets new standards in the marketplace

    The launch of the new product fulfils the company’s strategic objectives of listening to the needs of customers and bringing quality products to market quickly with shorter lead times.

    The new couplings are available in both aluminium and cast iron and are available for applications with IEC electric motors from size 63 to size 315 and internal combustion engines with powers up to 7.5 kW.

    Materials and transmissible torque remain unchanged, but the new SGEK range does feature a new selection of specialist size options. They are designed to be fully interchangeable with products already available from major manufacturers.

    Such couplings can be used with cylindrical shafts according to ISO and SAE regulation, tapered shafts 1:5 – 1:8 and a wide range of grooved shafts according to DIN 5480 – DIN5481 – DIN5482 – ANS.B.92B.1970.

    The range also features key benefits for the group’s branches; they will no longer have to manage a variety of code combinations but can now depend on a simple and quick solution.

    Future ambitions for the range include: extending the whole coupling range not only with bigger sizes but also with versions of dedicated bell housings for applications on Nema motors for the American market.

    Wide choice of bell housings, couplings and accessories

    MP Filtri’s ongoing ambition is to develop a growing range of bell housings, elastic couplings and related accessories.

    The product proposal by the Power Transmission division of MP Filtri includes a broad range of bell housings, elastic couplings and relative accessories

    The bell housings, used as connection elements between IEC electric motors and the broad range of hydraulic pumps available on the international market, are made of die-cast aluminium and intended for the mentioned motors from size 63 to size 355.

    Three different ranges are provided:

    1. bells for standard gear pumps suiting IEC electric motors from size 63 to 225;
    2. monobloc bells for pumps with ISO3019 and SAE flanges and IEC electric motors from size 80 to 225;
    3. silent bells with ISO3019 and SAE flanges and IEC electric motors from size 100 to 355.

    The range of couplings includes models for electric motors with sizes from 63 up to 400, in aluminium (for maximum size of 200), made of cast-iron and steel, equipped with a broad range of elastic inserts and available with mounted fixing dowel.

    Certified according to ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation Category 2G – Areas 1 and 2, the couplings and semi-couplings manufactured by the Power Transmission division of MP Filtri are suitable for uses in potentially explosive zones, besides being compliant with DIN 740/2 regulation.

    A full range of accessories is now available and includes: mounting feet, shock absorbing rings and bars and inspection doors.