Eaton launched its X3 medium-duty pump and motor portfolio

Eaton’s new X3 pump and motor family delivers superior performance in a compact package

Power management company Eaton launched its X3 medium-duty pump and motor portfolio, including a new two-speed cartridge motor paired with single or back-to-back pump configurations. Combining superior package size, precision and efficiency, Eaton’s latest plug-in variable piston motor solutions are designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) improve machine control, productivity and system life.

” said Florin Radoi, Product Manager, Mobile Pumps and Motors, Hydraulics Group EMEA. “Providing more flexibility and customization in designing mobile machines, OEMs can combine improved control and accuracy as part of an advanced propel solution.”

Eaton’s X3 two-speed cartridge motor is available in 41cc and 49cc displacements, providing more top-end horsepower at the wheel while ensuring most mid-frame mobile propel needs are covered. The motor also has a built-in speed sensor port, making it easy to add a sensor to measure speed and direction. Using a standard SAE B 2-bolt mount, the motor will fit into virtually any existing machine design and can also be positioned as a drop-in replacement for several motor configurations.

Eaton’s X3 pump and motor portfolio offers a compact package for mobile applications where space is at a premium.

Built for durability in the toughest mobile environments, the X3 motor pairs with back-to-back or single pump options, which offer a 36 percent increase in the side load capacity over previous generations of Eaton pumps. The compact size makes it easier for designers to fit the pump into smaller machines, a key advantage given the increasing need to save space in construction and agricultural equipment. The pump also has improved packaging that better protects the control solenoids against damage.

The X3 portfolio is a Pro-FX™ Ready integrated solution that is available with a variety of controls, including a non-feedback electrohydraulic control, a hydraulic remote control and a manual servo control. When combined with an Eaton HFX programmable controller, the solution can actively sense and dynamically adjust parameters such as position and flow – taking dynamic machine control to a whole new level.

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