Mattei triumphs at the UK-Italy Business Awards 2017

A confirmation of the excellence of Made in Italy compressors and the company commitment to technological innovation on a global scale

In the presence of the British Consul-General and Director for Italy, Department for International Trade, Tim Flear, Mattei Compressors were amongst the winners at the 11th edition of the UK-Italy Business Awards. It is an annual event in which the UK government and the Department for International Trade, in collaboration with Borsa Italiana – London Stock Exchange Group, recognise the Italian companies who have excelled in their ability to grow and do business in the UK.

“This prestigious recognition underlines the value of Italian entrepreneurship that goes above and beyond national borders to spread the excellence of its manufacturing traditions. The compressors from Mattei use rotary vane technology, which makes the product unique in the market. This is an Italian technological adventure that was started almost 100 years ago by my grandfather, and continues today with my brother, Giulio, and I”, commented Silvia Contaldi, Mattei CFO, who yesterday received the award at the impressive Midnight Palace in Milan. “We are proud to have introduced the rotary vane technology and all its benefits to a strong market such as the UK. We started to invest here in 1984, opening the Mattei Compressors Ltd. Subsidiary, with the goal of growing a presence within the industrial compressed air sector”.

This prestigious recognition underlines the value of Italian entrepreneurship that goes above and beyond national borders .

The commitment of Mattei towards technological innovation and in the continuous development of projects on a worldwide scale did not go unnoticed by the UK-Italy Business Awards.

In 2015 we took the opportunity to expand our business with the acquisition of Winton Engineering Ltd., whose founder had patented the PTO system in the 1980s, which allow commercial vehicles to transform energy produced by the engine into either pneumatic, hydraulic or electric energy. Since the beginning Mattei was a part of this OEM, reinforcing both our presence and our know-how in the automotive sector and developing a professional and personal partnership over time”.

Silvia Contaldi, CFO of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA together with:
on the left, Jill Morris, HM Ambassador to Italy and San Marino;
on the right, Tim Flear, HM Consul General Milan and Director DIT Italy.

It was a gamble that paid off and this award confirms it. In two years the company has expanded the product range and started exporting Winton’s energy supply solutions in Europe where the outlook is promising; particularly in Germany, Benelux and Spain and also the USA”, states Silvia Contaldi. “The strength of this partnership with Winton is the shared ambition for innovation that has led us to develop interesting research projects with some renowned Italian academic establishments, such as the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Aquila, and overseas such as with Imperial College London”.

“We have many projects in progress, especially in the vehicular sector for heavy goods vehicles and earth-moving machinery. The goal for Mattei is to become one of the top international players in sustainable mobility. To date we are the only manufacturer in the world offering a compressor specifically designed for the latest electric and hybrid platforms which utilise compressed air on board to operate suspension and braking systems.” concludes Silvia Contaldi.

Mattei has branch and representative offices around the world, as well as an extensive presence through distribution and commercial networks. The strong international focus for the company also rings true in the latest export data; over 75% of the compressors produced by Mattei are, in fact, destined for foreign markets.

Who are Mattei

Ing. Enea Mattei SpA designs and manufactures rotary vane compressors on a worldwide scale. The exclusive technology has made it one of the leaders in the compressed air sector. The company annually manufactures 6,500 rotary vane compressors, exporting over 75% of the production. Mattei is headquartered in Vimodrone, Milan and has two factories in Vimodrone and also Verdello-Zingonia in Bergamo. It is present with branch offices in France, Germany, England and the United States; has representative offices in Russia, Spain and Singapore and numerous business partners in the rest of the world. In addition, to meet the growing demands of the South East Asian market, since 2007 a Mattei production and service site is operating in China. Founded in 1919 Mattei remains a family owned company today.



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    Il mio asilo e eccezzionale e abbiamo risultati molto alti in quello che facciamo.

    Vorrei partecipare nella selezione degli awards perche offriamo sistemi innovativi e la piattaforma potrebbe aiutarci ad avere piu visibilita.

    Per favore fatemi sapere e scusate per il mio italiano scritto


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