Solenoid valves: the perfect pair of speed and volumetric capacity

The Italian company Vuototecnica has recently completed its catalogues with the new series of two-way direct operated solenoid valves, with two positions, called EGN. These valves represent the ideal solution for all those applications where suction must be controlled separately from the air input into the circuit. Requirement, the latter, felt for instance in applications that involve autoclaves, vacuum packers and degassers.

In comparison with the two-way solenoid valves currently at disposal on the market, the body of EGN is made of aluminium from the solid. A substantial difference, in manufacturing terms, compared to those instead implemented by other manufacturers through die-casting processes. It is a reasoned choice to try avoiding completely micro-cracks on the valve body, thing that instead very frequently happens in the manufacturing processes of die-cast bodies. Moreover, due to this solution, it is possible to reach (and to maintain) residual operation pressures of 0.5 mbars.

High switching speed for high-frequency working cycles

The solenoid valves of EGN series by Vuototecnica operate by exploiting the pressure differential existing between the pump or the vacuum generator and the pressure of the sucked air.  Conveying the “differential pressure” to the servo-control, by means of the actuator, you operate the shutter, without compressed air or springs. For this reason, it is possible to reach a very high switching speed and to assure high-frequency working cycles in all emptying plants. It is worth highlighting that the operation of these solenoid valves occurs by means of a simple electric coil featuring just 14 W of power.

Two versions available

Currently, two versions of solenoid valves series EGN are available, that is to say EGN40 and EGN52, respectively featuring 1”1/2 and 2” gas. In both cases, the volumetric suction capacity is high (corresponding to 230 and 490 cm/h of suction flow rate); a peculiarity that assures a possible use in fast emptying applications, like for instance in vacuum packaging processes. Finally, precisely EGN are available in both the normally opened N.O. version and in the normally closed N.C one, assuring the highest operational flexibility from this point of view, too.