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Weaving the future

Marzoli “weavs” the future of intelligent spinning. Marzoli – a Camozzi Group company and leader in the supply of complete spinning lines, components and digitalised solutions for the best performance of the spinning…

Camozzi Automation and Camozzi Digital: a winning partnership for industry 4.0

Camozzi Automation  and Camozzi Digital: a winning partnership for IIoT solutions and Cyber-Physical systems for industry 4.0 The winning partnership between the leader of the Camozzi Group, Camozzi Automation and Camozzi Digital: together they…

Space is the new frontier of the Camozzi Group

Space is the new frontier of the Camozzi Group. The subsidiary Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc. will supply “Mongoose” to Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Its name is Mongoose, the largest…

New investments and new product for Camozzi Spa

Research and Innovation in Pneumatic Automation

In 2014 the Italian company Camozzi Spa has reached an important goal, 50 years of activity, characterized by important investments with the purpose of a further growth of the company in the future….

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