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Adjusting flow, pressure and force

Why not just use an inverter?

Adjusting the flow and pressure of a pump, a hydraulic power unit, a hydraulic actuator, a compressor, a ventilator is generally done through valves. But why not just use an inverter? In certain…

Minimizing power consumption for wind turbines

New pressure reducing valve

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton today introduced a pressure reducing valve specifically designed for wind energy applications. The additional function of the 1 PDC5 pressure reducing valve is its ability to keep the pressure…


Level, pressure, rotation and temperature control

  Euroswitch,based in Sale Marasino (Brescia, Italy), specialises in the production of level, pressure, rotation and temperature sensors. Euroswitch presents an assortment of its new developments and product lines, which include level sensors,…

With Atex Certification for potentially hazardous environments

Pressure switches

An increasing number of applications for the pressure switch is designed specifically for use in highly oxidising environments and extremely critical environmental conditions. The vast range of products made by the Italian company…

A clamping module a compact power pack type for machining centers

At first, it was just an idea

Carlo Fortis – At first, it was just an idea: to create a tailor-made hydraulic solution for any application requirement. The material? Steel. Munich, 1949. Karl Heilmeier, an engineer, and Wilhelm Weinlein, a…

Screw compressors

High efficiency and quiet operation

For the first time, Boge is itself manufacturing the key component at the heart of all screw compressors over 22 kW. The innovative Boge effilence compressor air end will in the future be…

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