The welding system of the future is self-learning


4Lappeenranta University of Technology LUT is developing an entirely new kind of welding system, one which solves quality and productivity problems related to automated and mechanised welding. The system is self-adjusting, flexible and adaptable, such that it can be integrated as part of different robotic systems and different manufacturers’ power supplies. It’s self-adjusting properties are based on a new kind of sensor system which is controlled by a neural network program. Most often in welding a monitoring sensor is used which tracks the bevel angle, an essential part of the welding process. In the system being developed by LUT, there are also monitoring sensors for the thermal profile (the weld pool’s heat values) and the weld form. The monitoring data is transferred from the sensors to the neural network, which is able to deduce and react to simultaneous changes in multiple variables.

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