ThermoMechanical Processing Conference

ThermoMechanical Processing (TMP) is an established and strategic method for increasing and controlling the mechanical properties of the metal alloys. The TMP allows improving the microstructural features in order to realize the metal products fitting the requirement imposed by the modern mechanical and structural engineering. 1TMP 2016 Conference aims at examining the key aspects involved in TMP: phase transformations, complex microstructures, in-line heat treatments, measurement techniques and the technological forming operations (rolling, forging, extrusion etc.). The Conference is organized by Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia and will be held in Milan, at the FAST Congress Centre from 26 to 28 October. The main topics are related to topics the process and product developments in TMD (steels, aluminum alloys, rolling, forging, extrusion, wiredrawing, thin slab casting and direct rolling, hot strips, cold rolling and annealing, finishing operations, heavy plates, long products), and the investigations into the metallurgy of TMP (plastic deformation, rolling, forging, in-line rolling, in-line heat treatment, control of physical and mechanical anisotropy, recrystallisation control, phase transformation control and precipitation engineering, complex microstructures, ultra-fine microstructures, mathematical simulation).
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