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Varvel: increasing efficiency thanks to SAP-ERP system

Varvel SpA, based in Crespellano (Bologna, Italy) started the SAP-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for business process management and organization.Fig2_Varvel

The Go Live was satisfactorily completed and it is expected to be fully functional within the first quarter of 2014.

The date marks a significant turn for Varvel that in 2015 will enter the 60th year of activity.

The new software will allow a centralized and coordinated management of every business activities and will improve integration among the Varvel Group’s companies.

Over the next few months Varvel will implement a state-of-the-art CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system, greatly improving company’s interaction between current and future customers, clientele’s fidelity and overall satisfaction.

«This upgrade is an important part of the company’s growth we have been working for several years now – says Francesco Berselli, president of Varvel SpA – to strengthen our position in the domestic and international markets.»

Mauro Cominoli, Varvel’s Managing Director, is satisfied with the achieved outcome in recent months: «The upgrading process is an important step to innovation and to facilitate the team dynamics inside the Varvel Group, the partners and suppliers.»

Always in 2014, a PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) project will also be implemented, introducing a strategic approach to information, process and resource management in product life-cycle support in each phase: development, production, market launch and collection.

The PLM system will optimize waste reduction and production systems efficiency.

A path, Varvel set as early as 2013 with a three-year strategic plan involving technological innovation and international markets, with the objective of 50 million Euros turnover.