Vibration under Control

EM46-SN, the new device designed and implemented by Vip Air Empowerment, is applicable on any system where vibrations must be measured and controlled. Therefore, a single device able to analyse natively not a single axis, as it is generally possible with the instruments available on the market, but all three axes. Complete with an integrated microcontroller, this sensor is programmable and then able to perform independently calculations and algorithms (FFT, FILTRI), analyse the vibrations recorded in both the time and frequency domain and thus intelligently manage the alarm output, with the ability to directly control a relay (24 V/20 mA).

EM46 can be configured in 3 modes:
– Sensor for reading data
– Sensor for alarm
– Sensor for reading and alarm

A user-friendly solution

The component is not conceived as a mere laboratory instrument, although tolerances and precisions are comparable and even better, but to be used in continuative, user-friendly and, especially, cost-effective manner, to be installed on whatever plant implemented. Applications of various typology, like for instance on the bearing support of pumps, motors and so on. Its application is facilitated by its compact sizes (18 mm of height per 40 mm di diameter). Besides, through the RS485 serial interface, the EM46-SN vibration sensor can connect to an external data capture system (PLC or PC) and communicate with it via Modbus protocol. The latter does not fix limitations on the connection length, therefore enabling the digitalization of 247 sensors maximum on the same net.

In case you do not want to implement your own logic for the acquisition and analysis of data, as a hardware and software system, Vip Air Empowerment recommends the Adams system, already set up to read EM46 sensors and to manage alarms

Two versions available

The attitude to work in a wide range of operational temperature (from -40°C to +110°C), the robust Aisi 316L stainless steel, compact and airtight casing, with resin-coated interior, combined with the self-test function that allows the end-user to check its proper operation remotely, are prerogatives that make this sensor particularly suitable for industrial applications with extreme environmental situations. Two are the versions with external connection: one with M12 5-pole female connector or with 2-m wired cable (customizable according to single requirements).

The new EM46-SN sensor developed by Vip Air Empowerment is applicable to any system of which vibrations must be measured and controlled. EM46 can be configured for both reading and data analysis and for alarm management. VIP writing software downloadable at the following link

(by Gianandrea Mazzola)