Proliferation of bandwidth-heavy applications creates growth opportunities

A Frost & Sullivan TechVision Research Governments and industry stakeholders are keenly following developments in the microelectronics industry, as these technologies could potentially disrupt and bolster the Internet of Things (IoT) Mega Trend….


Automotive components in Italy: a sector in evolution

A growing export and a strong propensity for innovation are outlining the trend of a manufacturing chain able to approach new markets and to adopt the most advanced production trends successfully: from electric…

A Global Automation Industry Outlook

Automation Solution Providers Shift Gears to Align with IIoT-driven Industry Transformation

Digital solutions crucial to growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Industrial Automation and Process Control team. Tectonic shifts are underway across process and discrete industries due to the need for capital efficiency, asset…

Harmonic Drive® Globalisation: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. becomes majority shareholder of Harmonic Drive AG

Mr. Reinhard Ernst, owner of Harmonic Drive AG. Interglobal Industrieholding GmbH, sold its majority interest in Harmonic Drive AG to Harmonic Drive Systems Inc., Tokyo. With effect from March 22, 2017 the sale…

Rockwell Automation opens new offices in Hungary and Romania

The company further expands its activities in East and Central Europe, helping customers move into smart manufacturing Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, expands…

From the small appliance to the electric car, electric motors find increasingly wide and widespread application

Electric Motors: Market Trends and Service Business

From the small appliance to the electric car, electric motors find increasingly wide and widespread application. A global growing market, supported by technological innovation and evolution, as well as by international policies of…

Agricultural Industry: Dynamics Implications for Bearing and Gear Manufacturers

Krishna Raman, Frost & Sullivan, India, Chennai – Applications of agricultural machines are endless, starting from most trivial ones such as soil tillage machines, irrigation equipment, and harvesting machines and extending to specialized…

EPTDA community has enlarged with 4 new Italian members

EPTDA continues to deepen its membership in Western Europe

  Three leading distributors and two manufacturers in the power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industry have joined EPTDA the past month. Thus, the EPTDA community has enlarged with 4 new Italian members (distributor…

A detailed market report

The Future of 3D Printing in Transforming the Concepts of Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping is aggressively transforming manufacturing industries, posing an intensive threat to conventional approaches. Despite a costly investment, manufacturers continue to adopt rapid prototyping as a means to evaluate the product design effectively….

Europe’s leading industrial distributors in Power Transmission and Motion Control identify trends in end-user markets

EPTDA White Paper

  Pan-European industrial challenges and opportunities were discussed at the EPTDA All Committees Days meetings organized in Brussels this year.  This white paper presents the outcome of these discussions that will give a…

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