Aignep’s pneumatics for a customized galvanic plant

Ilmar’s galvanic plants for metal treatment apply the full range of Aignep pneumatics: cylinders, solenoid valves, fittings, guides and tubes. This range grants the performance of Ilmar plants worldwide, even in its standard version.

The Italian company Ilmar realizes galvanic plants for the superficial treatment of metal components. Headquartered in Castrezzato (Brescia), the company produces a complete galvanic line, from the tubs to the automation, including the different stages of handling. Ilmar always offers customized solutions in order to satisfy the various request of the clients.

Ilmar’s tool and machine mount various pneumatic components. For what concerns the outsourcing of these products they developed a strong partnership with Aignep, applying for the full range: starting from cylinders and solenoid valves including fittings and miniball valves.

Thanks to the high quality standards, Aignep’s products deeply respond to the requirements given by the aggressive environment of galvanic plants, exposed to high temperature exhalation and steam.

Aignep’s worldwide presence, with subsidiaries and distributors in all the countries of the global market, represents another successful factor for this collaboration. In fact this has been crucial to grant availability of spare parts to every Ilmar’s end-user.  Ilmar sells its high engineering and complex lines in all the most competing markets (from USA to China), where the company is achieving the creation of a strong brand.

Ilmar’s tool and machine mount various pneumatic components by Aignep: from cylinders and solenoid valves to fittings and miniball valves.

Pneumatics in aggressive environment

Ilmar has been founded in 1997 by the current owner Ilmar Reboldi, which together with his father decided to build up its own company based on the experience of the fader, which used to produce metal treatment plant for many year.

Aignep’s pneumatic products are largely used on the galvanic plants of Ilmar, at first notice the usage of the cylinders “XH” series, which are controlled by the solenoid valves “01V” series, allows the opening and closure of the tubs and the handling of the goods.

Then Ilmar applies to his plants NHA unit guide (Aignep “VLCHB” series), brass nickel-plated fittings “57000” series, air conditioning elements and polyurethane polyester tubes “TBPU” series. Last but not list, Ilmar decided to implement “Fluidity” series – one of the last investment of Aignep, these are fluid control valve applied in order to control the treatments tubs’ fluid.

«We realize complicated plants – Ilmar Reboldi says;  today he shares the partnership with his mother, after father retirement; our line can reach 70,80 or even 100 meters, in which chemical product and acid exhalation applied, this make components soffer from strong stress, valves in particular way. While during car designing of the machine we take care of mounting and keep pneumatic components, avoiding contact with fluids, the presence of corrosive steams imposes to the components to be aggressive environment proof. Aignep is our sole supplier for what concerns the pneumatic components, its products responds completely to this requirements, their standard product range is applied in different ways in our cabins».

Galvanic plants into the global market

The cooperation with Aignep started in the year 2010 as a results of a strict selection of supplier. The winning factor for Aignep was its subsidiaries and distributors widespread in the world. «Our production is completely made in Italy, we don’t own foreign subsidiaries, but we realized different plants for USA, Mexico, India and China – Reboldi explains. Thanks to our good references, we are increasing our brand’s relevance outside of European boundaries. Chinese market is included in our sales program, even though it’s well known a tough market we keep good sales relationship and negotiation with new customers.

Besides the product quality, the international presence of Aignep as a spare part source for our customers made our choice easier. Nowadays this is still a characteristic that we enjoy much».

Ilmar’s plant, produced under its own label, can be applied in many industrial field, anywhere there is products’ superficial treatment: weapon industry, aeronautics application and fashion are just some of those.

Thanks to the high quality standards, Aignep’s products fullly satisfy Ilmar requirements, coming from the aggressive environment of galvanic plants, exposed to high temperature exhalation and steam.

Last year Ilmar’s saw 90% of its turnover coming from the export, whereas this year they established it at a 50% and 50% share, thanks to the 2017 incentives. Moreover, two important project result under production for the Italian market at the moment.

«In the last few years we specialized our production in high customized products – Reboldi says -for examples we produce chrome plating machine with continuous cycling, for which we have already achieved ten sales in five years. Our treatment cell are designed in our technical dept. according to our customer needs: wide range of Aignep allows us to rely on all the products needed to design a new plant. Sometimes we receive very special request, and in order to satisfy the request we need non-standard products, or product made in a different material. For example it happened that aluminum was requested instead of technopolymer. Aignep was able to satisfy even this kind of requests».

Constant development and growth

Our decision to chose Aignep for all the pneumatic components fulfill our optimization plan and our investments of the last 10 years. This is because Ilmar always aims at the improvements of its machine, Reboldi explain as: «To keep Aignep as an exclusive pneumatics supplier represents a big advantage for us, it simplifies our purchasing chain because we can rely on one single counterpart which is capable to provide everything that our design needs. In order to develop its machine properly, Ilmar has adopted more and more new technologies for what concerns software and material. Nowadays, making exception for pneumatics and electrical engines – Reboldi goes on -, we realize everything in our facilities: mechanical working of inner cabins, all steel and titanium components, different kind of plastic and we also realize electrical parts and software. This management aims to offer the best service to our customer, to be quicker in replying to particular request, and offer a faster delivery time. According this strategy we decided to work the titanium in our facilities, this is a material that allows us to work in very corrosive environments and applications.  This way we keep the production costs low and we are able to use it for almost all our plants».

Investment and smart management lead Ilmar to a continuous growth, which have never met crisis. As Reboldi suggests: if people from one companies believe in their goals, they need to give more to their company and not taking away anything from it. This way the company will give his people good results, and it will pay back all the sacrifices.