Safe and stable hold

The bags are made of plastic thin film, like those for the packaging of vegetables or aromatic herbs, or of aluminium film, used for instance for chips and other snacks, are extremely subtle and they are often as fragile as their content. The new biodegradable and recyclable materials are becoming more and more diffused, increasing the criticalities connected with handling. The thinner the bags, the easier they are sucked in and damaged by the cup grip. To avoid damages to the bag, and even more to the content, the cup lip must provide excellent sealing even at low vacuum levels.

The more bags are subtle, the more caution is needed to handle them. The new BGX cup by Piab has been purposely developed for the handling of thin plastic bags

Specially developed for thin large-size plastic bags

The new BGX suction cup by Piab has been purposely developed for thin large-size plastic bags, solving the difficulties aroused precisely by these applications. The cup lip is designed with excellent tightness performances at even low vacuum levels.

Produced as cup in a single body with two bellows, it simplifies the picking of bags of different heights, due to a safe stable product hold in fast and very fast robotic applications. BGX cups are made of FDA- and EU-approved blue silicone, for direct food contact for both high and low temperature applications.

Available in three sizes of lip’s diameter

The cup can be configured by choosing among three sizes of lip’s diameter, 34, 41 and 48 mm and 6 different aluminium quick couplings, made to retain safely the sturdy cup neck. The state-of-the-art BGX cup, ideal for picking thin plastic bags, proposes several advantages: the thin lip excellently seals the bag at low vacuum levels without damages and the cup in a single body provides a safe stable product hold in quick robotic applications; the multi-bellow design compensates height differences and uneven surfaces. Moreover, the silicone material is FDA-and EU-approved for the direct food contact. The cup is suitable for both high-and low-temperature applications and it is configurable for specific applications in the e-commerce, in the sector of fast-moving consumer goods FMCG, in the