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The series Rapid Level, an unmistakeable mark of F.lli Giacomello

F.lli Giacomello: level switches in the name of simplicity

The series “Rapid Level” has always been the unmistakeable mark of F.lli Giacomello, appreciated worldwide for its flexibility, safety and user friendliness. One of the great novelties of this series are Pneumatic Rapid…

Temperature probes

F.lli Giacomello widens its offer by adding to its items, besides “plastic plugs”, a range of products with very interesting features, able to satisfy the most different applications in optimal way: temperature probes….

Electromagnetic levels

Rapid Level celebrates 25 years

F.lli Giacomello snc was established in 1985 as family-owned company, with the aim of offering quality and originality to the market of level gauges. Its production starts from the analysis of what is…


Customized level indicators

F.lli Giacomello company’s target consists in taking care of its customers in the most possible efficient way, listening to their requests, their problems and their requirements. The “standard” does not exist for our…

The mission of F.lli Giacomello: highest quality standards

Flowswitches: total visibility and utmost sturdiness

The constant research activity of the company’s technical staff aims at the achievement of the highest quality standards.The mission of F.lli Giacomello is in fact to launch on the market products able to…

Constant level of repeatability with high accuracy

Continuous level indicators

The level indicators CRXI by the Italian company F.lli Giacomello are build in accordance with the Atex Directive (94/9/EC) for use precise and constinuous indication of the level of a liquid in a…

A new flexible and performing electromagnetic level with multiple control points by the Italian company F.lli Giacomello.

When the level makes the difference

Gianandrea Mazzola – From design to assembly and final testing, the Italian company F.lli Giacomello offers a wide range of products, some of them patented. Among them also a new flexible and performing…

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