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Teseo releases on the market a new diameter

New diameters for compressed air distribution

As completion of its product range, Teseo releases on the market a new diameter for its compressed air distribution pipings,  further widening its offer and application opportunities and raising its competitiveness level. In the industrial…

Generating oil-free 40 bar-compressed air

New booster compressors

The innovating K 8 Booster from Boge compresses compressed air from 10 bar to a maximum pressure of 40 bar – completely oil-free. Especially sensitive areas, such as the food, plastic, health or…

When Compressed Air Distribution is simply easy

Teseo supplied its modular piping systems HBS50 and AP20 to VMC to implement the distribution of compressed air for the operation of machine tools, screwing equipment on assembly lines and test benches. The…

Efficient compressed air generation - with heat for free

Heat recovery in compressed air compressors

When compressed air is generated, heat is inevitably produced as a by product. Anyone looking to enhance efficiency can use this heat and increase the efficiency of compressors to about 95 percent as…

Besseling Group chose Mattei technology

Compressed Air for Quality Controlled Atmosphere

Besseling Group chose Mattei technology. According to Besseling engineers thanks to Mattei’s technology, oil residues and contaminating particles in general are kept at a minimum. Besseling Group is a Dutch company leader in…

Distribution plants of compressed air

New mounting brackets for Teseo profiles

Teseo is introducing new mounting brackets, for ceiling and wall mounting, allowing pipes to slide smoothly and speeding up the installation of  Teseo distribution lines. Teseo srl, specializing in the design, production and…

50% reduction in differential pressure

The new UltraPleat filtration technology

Energy efficiency of compressed air filters increased by a new filtration technology. The differential pressure in filtering compressed air and gases is now being reduced by 50%, thanks to a new filter medium….

Increased efficiency, longer life

Screw compressors

The launch of the Boge S-3 series brings a new generation of screw compressors with increased efficiency, quieter operation and an optimised sound pressure level onto the market. The Boge-built S series sets…

CPS Color chose Pneumax products

Automation takes color

Attilio Benvenuto –  Completing and improving the development of all elements of a tinting system: colorants, dispensers, packaging machines, tint meters, mixers, shakers, software, hardware, service and more. A four-hands project. For over…

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