Tecno Center and CAM2: a precious collaboration

“Tailor made” linear systems


AGMA New Standard: Mill Gearing

A Software Competition

KISSsys Award 2014


Low friction has power

MECSPE, March 28th 2014, A CONFERENCE

A conference on gear machining – from complex processes to standard...

With integrated safety functionality

New programmable servo drives

Rkb Group, a reference partner in the design, manufacture and supply of high added value bearings.

Roller, technological and “tailor made” bearings

Optimization, meshing, and solver capabilities drive innovative solutions

Cetim selects HyperWorks to expand its CAE capabilities

Microingranaggi designs and manufactures customized gears, screws, toothed pulleys, drive shafts, gearboxes and gearmotors.

Gears, screws, toothed pulleys, drive shafts and gearboxes